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Belgrade is not just the capital city of Serbia. It is also the cultural, economic and tourist hub of the nation. It became the capital city a few hundred years ago and still continues to dominate the other regions due to its strong base of varied industries. It is situated in a strategic location that is close to the point where the two rivers Sava and Danube meet. After the years of turmoil it faced during the world war period, the city sprung back to its glory in the last few decades. It has many archeological attractions that date back to 6 th century. The entire place is very accessible and you can easily book the flight to Belgrade and enjoy the best vacation with friends and family members.

  • Ada Ciganlija

  • The National Theatre

  • Museums of Belgrade

  • Kalemegdan Park

  • Church of Saint Sava

  • Belgrade Fortress

  • Enjoy the nightlife of Belgrade

  • Watch the best collection of international films at Yugoslav Film Archive

  • Enjoy sports activities at Ada Ciganlija

  • Visit St Mark’s Church

  • Visit Knez Mihailova Street

  • Belgrade Sightseeing tour

You will be able to enjoy the vacation in the best possible manner when you choose the months between April and September for your Belgrade tour. The temperature during this period stays in the comfortable range and you can also get good sunlight during these months. However, you should always make it a point to book ticket to Belgrade in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Remember that the city is a popular tourist hub and millions of people from all over the world come to this place to enjoy their vacation. You will not have any difficulty in getting proper accommodation and transport during your holidays when you approach the reputed tour operators of this region.

Flights to Belgrade Serbia

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is the most prominent attraction of this region and visitors can also take a look at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and the Theatre of Terazije and Zvezdara. It also has two beautiful opera houses and you should never miss the Madlenianum Opera house of Belgrade.

Museums of Belgrade

The city has many museums that date back to the 19 th century and you can find rare paintings and other exhibits in these places. The National Museum was recently renovated and it has thousands of paintings and drawings from renowned artists of the world. The Ethnographic Museum is home to more than a lakh artifacts that display the rich culture of this region.

Ada Ciganlija

This former island is home to the city’s biggest recreational and sports complex. You can find lots of tourists in this region during the summer months and they enjoy various sports activities at the beaches. On an average day, you can find lakhs of people at the beach playing baseball, and other sports.

Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park or simply Kalemegdan, is the largest park and the most important historical monument in Belgrade. It is located on a 125-metre-high cliff, at the junction of the River Sava and the Danube. Its name is formed from the two Turkish words: "Kale" and archaic word of Turkish origin "megdan"

Church of Saint Sava

The Church of Saint Sava is a Serbian Orthodox church located on the Vračar plateau in Belgrade. It is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and ranks among the largest church buildings in the world.

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress, consists of the old citadel and Kalemegdan Park on the confluence of the River Sava and Danube, in an urban area of modern Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Stari Grad.

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