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Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona-the wonderful capital city of Spain- is the biggest metropolitan town on the Mediterranean Sea. With a population strength exceeding 1.6 million, it is the sixth most populous nation in the European Union. On the international tourism map, it stands as the world's 20th most visited place. As its cultural milieu has numerous recreational areas, the beaches, excellent climate, and especially the presence of eight UNESCO world heritage sites pose as major attractions for the hordes of tourists. Moreover, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the presence of top-end five-star hotels make the city one of the most desirable tourist destinations on the world map.

  • Rambla- the street that everyone loves in the world

  • Sagrada Familia- Magnum Opus by Antoni Gaudi

  • Tibidabo - The most magnificent natural spot

  • Montjuic Castle - the one and only in Barcelona

  • Arc de Triomf- the superb triumphal arch

  • Port of Barcelona- irresistible and marvelous

  • Avinguda Diagonal-the majestic shopping arcade

  • Tour the Costa Brava – by boat

  • Barcelona Pillow Fight

  • Visit Pub Crawl

  • Celebrate Football at Camp Nou

  • Wake Boarding and Cable Ski in Montgat

  • Cruise around in a Go Car

  • Dance some Swing at Parc de la Ciutadella

Periods between May to June and September to October are the most ideal time for visits of the tourists to Barcelona. They must book their tickets to Barcelona well in advance as there is a heavy turnout during these periods. Early summer and fall are good periods for the arrival of tourists in Barcelona. Weather is excellent from May to June as the temperature stays balmy, and most festivals occur during this period. Visitors who look for a relatively less crowded time could come during spring. As Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain, it remains crowded throughout the year. The visitors need to plan and book their tickets to spend a happy vacation.

Explore Barcelona in Style

Sagrada Familia- Magnum Opus by Antoni Gaudi

This unique cathedral is- a piece of design that has stayed, to date, the best accomplishment by Antoni Gaudi. Located in the Eixample district, it gets the highest turnout of visitors throughout the year. The visitors could get the tickets for entry in advance and enjoy viewing this wonderful place, constructed in 1882.

Arc de Triomf- the superb triumphal arch

Built in reddish brickwork in Neo-Mudejar style, the arch is an unbelievable creation by the architect- Josep Vilaseca. The awe-inspiring two pillars of the arch depict stone bats that tell the visitors about the grandeur of creative work. The creativity in the design of the arch surprises modern-day architects.

Port of Barcelona- irresistible and marvelous

Unbelievably, the port of Barcelona has a 2000-year-old maritime history. As it has always played a vital role as a commercial port, visitors to this historically important place find a series of services in the free trade zones. This is attractive as they roam around the reception and sports facilities area.

La Rambla- the street that everyone loves in the world

La Rambla is best known as a street lined with trees, and the tourists love to walk in a 1.2-kilometer sweep of land and do shopping in natural surroundings. The visitors enjoy the unique pleasure of enjoying the pavement cafes and souvenir kiosks.

Tibidabo- The most magnificent natural spot

The natural spot is familiar for its presence as the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola. The presence of Sagrat Cor Church and nearby amusement park gives impressive sights to the visitors who come to visit the mind-bewitching beauty of Barcelona.

Montjuic Castle- the one and only in Barcelona

This old military palace's foundation stone was laid in 1640. The visitors step inside the fort only to find the history. The innumerable tales of heroic battles inside its premises give them glimpses from the bygone era.

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