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Flights to Adelaide

As the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide has the fifth largest population in Australia. With a vibrant cultural past, the city hosts different international cultural fairs. Besides this, the city is home to various art galleries and museums. To add to it, the presence of different musical groups is a major tourists’ attraction as the visitors get the privilege to attend the shows of internationally acclaimed bands. The entertainment centers, theatres, stadiums, and memorial drive parks are popular destinations, frequented by music lovers from all over the world. The city has outstanding cultural milieu with unmatched heritage that fascinates people from every nook and corner of the world and literally make them take the first flight to Adelaide.

Must Visit Places and Things to do

1. Adelaide Botanic Garden- worth of ticket to Adelaide

The fenced garden has great attraction for everyone as the visitors get the exclusive views of Wollemi pine trees, which are really rare, now-a- days. The exceptional Victorian glass house-Palm House- designed by German architect Gustav Runge is a major attraction for everyone. Other than this, the botanical garden has also other major attractions like Rose Garden, Bicentennial conservatory, Goodman building, and Santos museum of economic botany. The irresistible attractions serve as unforgettable experiences even after the visitors take the flights from Adelaide.

2. Cleland Conservation Park- true price of airfare for Adelaide

​This fabulous conservation park is the real place to fall in love with pristine nature as it allows the visitors to make close interaction. As an area under protection, the conservation park has a considerable part of bushland located on the surface of Adelaide Hills and spending time there, they literally get back more than the money that they spend for airfare for Adelaide.

3. Art Gallery of South Australia- visitors think of it till boarding flights from Adelaide

As it houses one of the stunning collections of 38,000 paintings, the art gallery is one of the most significant centers in Australian heritage with an impressive range of sculptures, paintings, drawings, and other ceramics and metal works. As a more than century old institution of Australia, a visit to the gallery is more than the real worth of price of ticket to Adelaide.

4. National War memorial- a visit is really worth of a flight to Adelaide

The war memorial commemorates the memories of the unknown heroes, who sacrificed their lives for their motherland during the First World War. As it exhibits prelude and epilogue to the war, the visitors feel greatly impressed after a visit to this great place.

5. St. Peters Cathedral- view the unique religious place in Christianity

​Spread on almost one acre space, the cathedral is an important landmark in Christianity. As the cathedral has really similar features to the cathedral of Notre Dame, hundreds of thousands of visitors love to visit this place that bears the depictions of South Australia and the Bible. The interior has an extremely impressive design and hordes of tourists pay their obeisance at this sacred place.

6. National Wine Centre- important part of Australian heritage

Initiated in 2001, the national wine centre is a public building that widely exhibits various types of wine making. In its wine-tasting area, the visitors get ample opportunity to drink and make comparison of various wines from different parts of Australia.

7. Mount Lofty- View the peak in Mount Lofty ranges

As the visitors climb to the peak of the mountain that comes at a height of 727 meters, the panoramic view of the Adelaide city is simply mind-blowing. Over the years, the summit has become one of the hot spots in international tourism frequented by hundreds of thousands of tourists from various parts of world.

8. Mega adventure, Australia- a place for Adventure lovers

For the visitors looking for adventurous games, the unique place has many attractions for them. If anyone is organizing a team building experimentation, he could simply participate in tackling 70 obstacles that could simply hone up their leadership skills.

9. Clare Valley- view the magnificent natural place

Located in South Australia about 100 kilometers towards north of Adelaide, Clare valley is an important tourists’ destination for people from all over the world. Clare valley has a wine region is a distinguished region in Australia. Most of the tourists frequent to this area for taking a swig of tasty Riesling wines.

10. George wildlife Park- View the magnificent flora and fauna

As it began way back in 1965, this park has gradually transformed in to one of the important wildlife destinations. Moreover, this is one of the few places in Australia, where you could have a warmest hug from an animal. Visitors spend hours interacting closely with the animal and this serves as life-long memories.

Best time to visit

February and March are the best months in a year to visit Adelaide. As the average temperature varies from 14 to 24 degree centigrade during that time, it is comfortable for the tourists to make movements. It is most beautiful time to in Adelaide in the entire year.


 As the city has a Mediterranean climate, its winter gives cool weather that makes movement for the tourists convenient.
 Although in the past, the city had maintained the record of excellent weather year after year, global-warming has brought spikes in temperature for the last few years. For this, the visitors could wear shorts and t-shirts.
 Adelaide gets chilled winds sometimes that makes the temperature fall further.
 Precipitation during a year is irregular that comes drizzling on some occasions during a few times in summer.
 The winter season gets good amount of rainfall as June is the wettest month in a particular year. During that time the city gets almost 80 mm of rainfall
 The month of December gets longest hours of daylight. During June, the daylight gets shorter.
 Snowfall in Adelaide takes place rarely. During winter, the tourists need to wear thick jackets, which could make them feel warm.

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