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Flying to San Francisco will let you gain the exposure of the golden gate bridge , alcatraz island and a lot more!!

Whether it is a family vacation or a vacation with your partner, San Francisco is the perfect destination for any kind of vacation. This place is just magnificent for the tourists to discover.

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San Francisco Transportation

Discovering San francisco will give the tourist a splendid experience. This place has the perfect package for a memorable vacation. For roaming and seeing this city, the tourists can rent a car and create their own schedule according to their preference.

Renting a car from San Francisco international airport is very easy, rented cars can be easily found near the airport.

Key factors about San Francisco

  • San francisco is among the top 50 most visited destinations
  • This place is popular for steep streets, golden gate bridge.
  • 13th largest city in the United States
  • The nickname for san francisco is the golden gate city
  • Snow falls rarely in san francisco

Moreover, the tourists can also discover the Coit tower that is 210 foot in height. This building comprises 27 murals. These murals were made for detecting life in the year 1930. The tourist can visualize the amazing sceneries of the city and the bay.

Cheap flights From ORD To SFO:

Displayed fares are based on historical fare, these fares are subject to change and can not be guaranteed at the time of booking. wondering how to get great airlines ticket deals for ATL To FLL where you can have gala time with acquaintance.

   Flights From - Flights To    Depart    Return    Fares*
   Chicago - San Francisco    December 04, 2019    December 18, 2019 156.60
   Chicago - San Francisco    December 14, 2019    December 24, 2019 145.30
   Chicago - San Francisco    February 01, 2020    February 08, 2020 136.60
   Chicago - San Francisco    March 15, 2020    March 27, 2020 166.60
   Chicago - San Francisco    April 14, 2020    April 25, 2020 156.60
   Chicago - San Francisco    May 17, 2020    May 25, 2020 156.60

Airports for this route

Origin airport- Chicago O’Hare international airport

Destination airport- San Francisco international airport

FAQs for traveling from chicago to san francisco

Q1- how much does a flight take to complete its journey from chicago to san francisco?

On average, a flight takes almost 16hours and 19 minutes to complete its journey from chicago to san francisco.

Q2- What is the total distance between Chicago and San francisco?

The total distance between Chicago and San Francisco is almost 2967 kilometers.

Q3- how many airports are operational in San francisco?

There is only one airport operational at San francisco that is san francisco International airport.

Q4- How many non stop flights are flying from chicago to san francisco?

There are 4 non stop flights that are flying from chicago to san francisco.

Q5- How many total flights in a week are available from Chicago to San francisco?

There are a total of 147 flights that are flying weekly from Chicago to San francisco.

Q6- Which airline has the most reliable flights available for this route?

The airline with the most reliable flights is the Alaska airlines.

Q7- which are the top 2 airlines from chicago to san francisco?

According to the rating, the highest rated airlines from chicago to san francisco are:

Alaska airline with 8.3 ratings Delta airlines with 7. 9 ratings.

According to the ratings, these two airlines are in top lis from ord to sfo.

Q8- what are the airlines that are frequently flying from Chicago to San francisco?

The airlines that are frequently flying from chicago to san francisco are:

  • Air new zealand that flies 25 times in a day
  • Air canada flies 25 times in a day
  • United airlines flies 24 times daily

Q9- which is the low and high season for this route?

The low season for this route is february and th high season for this route is july

Q10- when can we get the cheapest flight from chicago to san francisco?

If you are booking your flight tickets prior to 34 days of your flight departure, you might get the cheapest flight tickets from chicago to san francisco. However, the flight rates keep on fluctuating at the time intervals.

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