Wimbledon Championship 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

Wimbledon Championship 2020 Cancelled

As per the statement issued by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) on Wednesday, it was announced that the Wimbledon Championship 2020 Cancelled was due to COVID-19.

As per the announcement made by the AELTC, the Wimbledon Championship will be postponed to be rescheduled from 28 June to 11 July 2021, instead of the earlier dates.

Note that the postponement of the Wimbledon Championship has been the first time since last postponed in the year 1945 during the Second World War in the Tennis season.

Meanwhile, the Championship has been canceled for the very first time in the open era for the year 2020.

As per the official statement issued by the AELTC, they stated that seeing the coronavirus epidemic and the concerns of public and stakeholders health, the committee of management of the championships and the All England Club has jointly decided that the championship for the year 2020 would now be canceled.

The championship was the 134th of its edition which will be now rescheduled from June 28 to July 11 for the year 2021.

Planning In Regard to Wimbledon Postponement

It is evident that the postponement of the Championship would impact those who rely on the Championship, which also includes the Tennis community of Britain around the world and the players who were going to participate in the Championship.

In order to support the group and to increase the motivation of the players, the AELTC is planning to develop plans which will be also implied to the staff of the organization.

The French Tennis Federation was set to organize the French Open from September 22 to October 4, 2020.

Although, various players stated that it would be difficult to play a clay-court Grand Slam in the middle of the Deadly coronavirus spread around the most part of the world, being hard to be controlled.

Seeing the notion, the Wimbledon joined some of the major sports events being canceled all around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic including the IPL in India and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 which has been postponed to be held in the month of July 2021.

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Statements Issued by the Officials

The statement issued by the officials of the AELTC stated that the health and safety of the support groups of the Wimbledon Championship come as a priority to the organization which includes the fans in the UK and the spectators who would come from around the world to spectate the game, including the players, guest, members, staff, partners, local residents. volunteers and contractors.

The statements further added that it is the main responsibility of the organization, as a contribution to the effort of the society to fight the battle of this Global challenge, which has been a threat to the way of life.

Another statement given by the chief executive of AELTC, Richard Lewis CBE said that although the postponement of Championship, with has never occurred in the year 1947, has been challenging decision for the organization, it is strongly believed by us to work in the best interest of society, along with the international tennis court at this time which could also impact the grass-court events in UK and Europe currently.


Along with some big sports Championship around the world, including the Tokyo Championship 2020 and IPL, the Wimbledon Championship 2020 has also been postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.

As per the announcement made by the AELTC, the Championship would now be held in the month of June to July in the year 2021.

The decision has been made not only in the interest of the society but also in seeing the health Welfare of the staff of the organization as a contribution to fight this Battle of novel coronavirus together. 

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