US travel advisories for the month of April 2020 – Do not travel if?

US Travel Advisories

Due to the rapid rise in the pandemic COVID 19, international travel has been impacted in many ways worldwide.

Due to which the American has structured international travel advisory for the month of April 2020. Looking at the situation of COVID 19, these will be updated regularly.

Impact of COVID 19- it is no surprise for the world knowing about the pandemic coronavirus which has created a wrist phase and has impacted the world economy badly.

Because of which it is advised to the citizens of America not to travel internationally until or unless it’s absolutely important.

Further, the citizens are also asked not to return from their international travel and shelter in their places. 

In Fact, at the beginning of March, the US banned the entry of any foreigners in their country. Especially for travelers who have passed the Schengen area of Europe to slow the virus speed.

The department of Homeland Security has issued a mandatory statement that says that every citizen who is returning from any restricted country would have to pass through specific airports as a rule of prevention. 

The travel advisory has been mentioned for some of the specific countries which the travelers have to follow as a stringent rule.

US Travel Advisory for Australia

  • The travelers who are transitting from and to Australia are not allowed to enter the US. 
  • All travelers (counting Australian residents and occupants) showing up in Australia will be dependent upon an obligatory isolate time of 14 days at their first Australian goal. 
  • Travelers will be given settlement to remain in during this period and won’t be allowed to travel locally (counting to their home living arrangement) or proceed on any household associations until the multi-day obligatory isolate period has been finished.

US Travel Advisory for China

  • China nationals with visas gave before 28 March 2020 are not allowed to enter the US. 
  • China nationals with habitation grants or APEC.
  • Business Travel Cards are not allowed to enter the US from China.

US Travel Advisory for India

All the flights to and from India have been eliminated until any further notice.

US Travel Advisory for Bahrain

Bahrain nationals who have visited/traveled through at least one of the accompanying goals inside the most recent 14 days are not allowed to enter the US: 


Hong Kong SAR

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US Travel Advisory for Cambodia

Cambodia nationals going from the accompanying nations/areas are not allowed to enter or travel through the US: 

France, Germany, Italy, Spain 


The accompanying travelers will be dependent upon 14 days if necessary isolate upon appearance: 

  • Nationals and inhabitants of Cambodia 
  • Representatives and authorities of outside consulates and global associations and their relatives who are holding the Diplomatic Visa Type An and Official Visa Type B, who live or have been in or by means of France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Spain in the previous 14 days.

US Travel Advisory for Canada

Outsider nationals are permitted to travel Canada to another nation via air through global to-universal travel, regardless of whether this involves a difference in terminals in a similar air terminal, gave the accompanying conditions are met: 

  • The client must not present any manifestations of COVID-19, according to the compulsory extra inquiries identified with the wellbeing check.
  • The client must have an affirmed forward trip outside of Canada.
  • The client must not leave the air terminal.
  • The client must fulfill all other narrative prerequisites (for example Estimated time of arrival, travel visa and so on.)

US Travel Advisory for Japan

Japanese Travelers showing up from at least one of the accompanying places are required to experience a necessary 14-day isolate at a legislature assigned area promptly upon appearance and are not allowed to utilize open transportation in the US: 

  • The individuals’ Republic of China (counting Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR)
  • Republic of Korea
  • Travelers traveling from Hong Kong to Japan will likewise be required to experience a mandatory isolate.

US Travel Advisory for Malaysia

Malaysian travelers who meet the accompanying criteria are not allowed to enter or travel through the US: 

  • All outsiders 
  • All exile pass, understudy pass, subordinate pass, impermanent work pass, and MM2H pass holders (if the pass terminates while in the individual nations, the holder might be permitted to enter after the limitation request has been lifted) 
  • Malaysian residents and perpetual inhabitants holding a work license from another nation are allowed to enter after 31 March 2020.


All in all, the US government is taking some strong measures in terms of travelers to and from the US to take preventive measures for the deadly COVID-19.

All these travel advisories have been issued for different countries all across the globe which sets certain quarantines measures to be followed by each of the passengers from the respective countries.

The steps have been taken by the US government in the lieu of faster spreading virus which has, to most extent, disturbed the functioning of the nation.

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