Trekking in California

California is one of the most populated and is being surrounded by many glamours. This city is not just limited to the amazing beaches, rather it has a lot more for the visitors to explore and get an experience like never before. This place is a paradise for trekking and every year millions of tourist visit California for various purposes. 

California is a huge destination and so is its glamour. The tourists get overwhelmed with its beauty, uninhabited and wilderness. You can do a lot of things here. Especially, if you are a nature lover, you can enjoy your vacation by seeing the natural beauty of this place. Moreover, you can enjoy paddling, hiking, and fishing outdoors. Also, there are a lot of museums in tourist attractions. This is a place that will definitely impress you with its surprises. This iconic place has incredible diversity Of landscape that is just perfect for memorable trekking in California. Best sites tracking you can also explore the road trip in California(interlinking) to get a memorable vacation.

Top places for trekking in California

Mount shasta

The grand snow-topped Mount Shasta is one of the most moving spots to climb in California. Numerous guests come to Mount Shasta looking for a profound involvement with nature. Be that as it may, Mount Shasta has a lot of climbing trails that are appropriate for the normal explorer. A famous climb is the Gray Butte Trail, with its trail head at an amazing 7,500-foot rise. This moderate four-mile full circle trail increases 600 feet in height and takes around two hours to finish. The path crosses through the broad Lower Panther Meadow and proceeds up through an unblemished woodland of old-development Red Fir Trees. At the fork in the path, the right hand-side climbs through a remain of fragrant Mountain Hemlock Trees.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Just an hour away from San Francisco to the north lies the National seashore which provides the best camping and hiking trails opportunities to the visitors with the easy reach of the city.  The visitors can also explore the trail which is found along the fault of San Andrea consisting of 1906 power of earthquake being illustrated with the separation of 15 foot connected to an old wooden fence.  The Point Reyes National Seashore provides the perfect location for visitors with quiet beaches from where the visitors can watch the whales in the month of November and April just by going out several miles into the Pacific. 

Garnet Lake

Adventurous and charming trek to Garnet Lake in California is definitely one of the dreams come true location for the photographers and trekkers. However, the lake is only open from June to early of December because of the heavy snowfall which occurs due to the location of the lake in the high altitude.  the lake is also known to be home for several bears which compel the trekkers to bring the beer canister in order to protect the food. 

Yosemite falls trails- an iconic fall for trekking in California

This tallest falls in North America is a must in your bucket list for your California travel (interlinking). This well-known falls in California rewards explorers with perspectives on Yosemite’s most fantastic cascades just as clearing scenes of the valley floor. The path incorporates two sections: The two-mile area to Columbia Rock, a moderate climb that rises 1,000 feet through a curve trail. Make certain to remain on the way, since straying can prompt hazardous sheer drop-offs close to the path. Most climbers will be happy with finishing the Columbia Rock parcel that takes a few hours full circle. From here, climbers are awed by the bird’s-eye perspective on Yosemite Valley’s knolls, with the Mercer River winding its way down the inside, encased by Half Dome and Sentinel Rock.

Death Valley

If you want to encounter one of the most stunning natural phenomena then Death Valley is your ultimate location.  The Death Valley in California consists of one of the strangest and most beautiful natural scenery including the hottest recorded temperatures in the western hemisphere, furnace creek, Bad water basin salt flat, and the North America lowest point.  The Death Valley of California is also the place where you will find the sailing stones, the mesquite sand, the racetrack plays, and the golf course of the devil including the salt crystals. 

John Muir Trail

Located 210 miles away from California, John Moor Trail is perfect for trekking being the wilderness king. If you are going for trekking to join your trail make sure you stock up the food with you and also you will not found any shelters along the way so it becomes essential to carry a tent along with you while trekking. 

The long trail

The long trail is one of the oldest and the longest distance traveled in the US it is surrounded by the green mountain club by hitting all the key points that includes the Mount mans field and camel hump.  trekking to this oldest trail is very adventurous and is going to be one of the most memorable trekking of your entire life. Generally, a hiker takes almost a month to complete the whole track to this longest trail. 

The iconic McWay waterfall trail

The iconic McWay waterfalls trail is one of the most wonderful Hikes that leads to an overlook and it offers a stunning view of the town from the 80 foot above waterfall.  you can get the most breathtaking view of the sides in big Sur. besides this, the waterfall trail is not just about the hiking but it is more of enjoying the most amazing scrivener. 

So this is all about the tracking in California if you are planning your next vacation to California make sure you don’t miss out these exotic trekking spots to get an experience of a lifetime. 

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