Some of the Great Ideas You Must Know for an Incredible US Trip

Planning a trip to the United States of America is one of the most incredible journeys you can ever have in your lifetime. 

Whether it’s a road trip to the USA, going on trekking to California,  or a road trip to California, it is quite sure that you can have one of the best times in the US. 

While going on a trip to the US, you require some advance planning so that you don’t run out of resources in the mid of your trip, but it is equally important to plan in advance the destinations or the spots which you will be exploring on your trip.

There is no doubt in the fact that knowing beforehand what you want to do and where do you want to go will make your trip to the US more seamless and your experience more amazing.

Below given are some of the great ideas which you must know for an incredible trip to the US.

Hence, without further ado, let’s proceed.

The Deep South

Going through the Deep South, you will get to explore the heart of America from in and out which will take you through a musical theme to the route. 

You will begin with Chicago and go on towards Lincoln’s birthplace in Saint Louis. Further, you will proceed to the south where you will get to Memphis which is the home to the 

Graceland Mansion and the cradle of Rock and Roll. At this route, you can explore the cuisine with Southern creole flavour and also explore the banks of Mississippi River, further continuing to the 3-hour drive to the Spectacular New Orleans’ food Paradise. 

San Fransisco to Utah

Make sure that you explore San Francisco on your trip which is one of the most laid-back cities in California.

 If you want to make the most of your trip, it is advisable to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge which will get you the sparkling and mesmerizing views of the bay area where you will also get to uncover the Prison Island of Alcatraz. 

Also, if you want to sip the best coffee in San Francisco, do not forget to visit the Hipster c\Cafe in the Hayes Valley which will lure you back with its beauty and Charm.

Pacific Coast Highway

One of the best ideas to take to drive in the highlights of the Pacific coast which comes between the San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

On this trip, you will get to explore the small towns of Monterrey at the seaside and Camel by the sea along with the coast of Big Sur and the adventurous Garrapata State Park where you can explore the protected Sea Otters. 

You can also stop at the Pfeiffer beach to enjoy the peace and beauty of the beach and proceed further to the Redwoods by Moro rock and Santa Monica Pier. 

Las Vegas

One thing which you cannot miss on your trip to the US is the visit to the most colorful and highlighted City, Las Vegas. 

You can proceed your trip to Las Vegas from the red Rock of the American West which will take you through some of the most iconic scenery on your route.  

Starting the trip in the Las Vegas, do not forget to explore the open desert of Arizona and Utah, the Classic American Wild West,  Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, National Park, and learn about the local culture of the Navajo community as you go.

Do not forget to make the most of the natural phenomenon and the natural beauty & adventurers at the American desert which will take you through some of the most stunning views. 

The long and empty roads at this route will take you through some of the most classic experience which will also make you fall in love with the National Parks in the area. Although, before taking a photograph, it is advised to ask the residence of Navajo as respect towards their customs and traditions.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The last destination on our list is the Blue Ridge Parkway which goes through the route of Appalachian mountains from Virginia and goes all the way towards the Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. 

If you are going to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is recommended to visit the place during the autumn when you will find the golden trees all across the edges of the road which will make the scenery more incredible.

On your route, you can also find the easy to access hiking trails, waterfalls, and some of the panoramic views.  

Although, you will find various iconic destinations along this route, the best experience you will get on this journey by going on the drive itself. 

Make sure to make the most of your journey into the Blue Ridge Parkway with some of the most mesmerizing scenery passing by the windows.


Going on a road trip to the US is an incredible experience in itself, however, it is best to have some planning in advance in order to make most of your trip. 

The United States of America consists of a never-ending list of iconic destinations which are must-visit places for every tourist.  

Hence, it is advisable for all the travelers to plan all the places to go and the destinations to explore so that you don’t miss out on some of the most mesmerizing spots in the state. Some of the best ideas of destination with you can explore on a trip to the US includes the Blue Ridge Parkway,  Los Vegas, Miami, Pacific Coast and the Deep South.

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