Los Angeles (CA) Travel Guide

Los Angeles

With one of the most vibrant and diverse culture, Los Angeles offers you many things beyond your expectation. This place is famous for its glamour of Hollywood and this is what makes this place visit again multiple times. 

Los Angeles is a place where you get to explore the mixture of eclectic world cultures with some of the bold creatives which make it unique from others. 

Los Angeles is a place which is famous for some of the extreme locations such as beaches, some perfect weather, good looking famous people,  and entangle of some infamous smog. The perfectness of Los Angeles comes from the abundance of the city in terms of ethnic and vibrant communities, museums,  and the culture which is improvised with a sunny sense of fun. 

You can do a lot of shopping while traveling to Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. Without spending much more on big brands and labels, you can also explore the outfits of the boutique for accessories and menswear.  

Los Angeles is a city which is unique from others and the individuality of L.A. is what makes it set apart from others.

The Griffith Observatory

One of the best attractions of LA is the Griffith Observatory located in Los Angeles California.  The Observatory offers various means of entertainment to the visitors including telescopes, Planetarium, free parking and much more. The best part is that the Griffith Observatory is open to the public free of cost where the visitors can get the iconic view of the Los Angeles basin from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Monica

 The guests can go for food and shopping experience, enjoying the rides at the Pacific Park, and visit the amazing aquarium at Santa Monica CA. 

One of the most alluring attractions of Santa Monica is the Pacific Park which is a family Amusement Park located at Santa Monica Pier. At the Pacific Park, the guests can get huge amounts of thrilling and exciting rides to encounter back to back and furthermore, win a few prizes by playing fun games at the recreation center. 

The fundamental claim to fame of Santa Monica is the popular farmer’s market which is worked and managed by the city for the common advantage of individuals. The market invites more than 900,000 customers consistently where you can locate the best choice of regular and new products at each season.

Hollywood Highlights

If you want to experience the classics of Hollywood such as Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Pickford, Clark Gable and several other favorites of the Golden era and want to listen to some of the most popular gossips on movie stars,  you can also visit the Hollywood highlights at Los Angeles. 

At the Hollywood highlights, you can take a complete walk and explore what will look like a small feature film to you. 

Hollywood highlights also give you an opportunity to explore some of the most authentic and oldest architectural structures including the EL Captain, Dolby, the Hollywood Sign and the Chinese Theatres. 

Furthermore, you can also visit the Roosevelt hotel at Hollywood highlights which is the most famous and prestigious hotel for movie stars in the century.

Zuma Beach

If you want to spend some exotic moments in Los Angeles,  you can visit the most famous Zuma Beach on your trip. At this Malibu beach, you can enjoy swimming along with some sunbathing. 

The Zuma beach is spread across an area of 1.8 miles and is a lot cleaner as compared to other beaches, also considered as one of the most beautiful and finest beaches in Los Angeles. 

At the beach, you can watch the awesome wave, get ample of parking, and enjoy easily accessible beachside snacks.

Furthermore, you also get the bathroom facilities and several lifeguard stations at the beach for more convenience.


Los Angeles consists of some of the most iconic and spectacular locations to visit for the travellers. These locations and attractions in Los Angeles offer both adventurous as well as beauty for the people who come around the globe to explore them. The article has listed some of the best locations in Los Angeles which the visitors can explore file on their trip including the Zuma beach,  Hollywood highlights, Santa Monica, and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.  You can find special discount on United airlines and Allegiant airlines with us.

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