05 Longest and Amazing Domestic Routes from Seattle Airport!

The 5 Longest Domestic Routes From Seattle Tacoma International Airport Title: “Discover the 5 Longest Domestic Routes from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Seattle Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) is experiencing significant growth, handling nearly 46 million passengers in 2022. To accommodate this surge, expansion plans have been announced. Explore the five longest domestic routes from Sea-Tac, connecting travelers to destinations like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Lihue, Kona, and Honolulu. Expansion Plans at Sea-Tac: Seattle’s largest airport, Sea-Tac, is expanding due to increasing passenger traffic, reaching almost 46 million in 2022. This growth has led to space constraints, prompting the announcement of expansion plans to enhance the airport’s capabilities.

Seattle to Miami International Airport: The longest domestic route from Seattle spans 2,724 miles to Miami International Airport. Operated by American and Alaska Airlines, this route offers multiple daily flights. American deploys the Airbus A321neo, while Alaska utilizes the Boeing 737-900 and 737-9 (MAX 9).

Seattle to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: The second-longest domestic route covers 2,717 miles to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Competing on this route are Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines. With a larger market share, Alaska operates the MAX 9s, while Delta relies on its growing fleet of A321neos.

Seattle to Lihue, Hawai’i: Heading in the opposite direction to Hawai’i, the third-longest domestic route covers 2,701 miles to Lihue. Alaska and Delta operate this route, providing a combined seat offering of 31,744 seats this month.

Seattle to Kona, Hawai’i: Seattle boasts over 1,200 flights to Hawai’i, and the fourth-longest route is to Kona, the Big Island. Delta and Alaska, soon to acquire Hawaiian Airlines, serve this 2,688-mile route. With a dominating market share, Alaska operates three 737 variants, while Delta has a daily flight using A321neos.

Seattle to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu: Rounding out the top five is a route 11 miles shorter than the fourth, leading to Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Alaska, Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines operate this route, with Alaska having the majority of flights and deploying 737 variants.

Conclusion: As Sea-Tac expands to accommodate growing passenger numbers, these longest domestic routes offer travelers diverse options, connecting them to vibrant destinations like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Lihue, Kona, and Honolulu.


1. Why is Sea-Tac expanding, and what are the expansion plans?

Sea-Tac is expanding due to increased passenger traffic, reaching nearly 46 million in 2022. The expansion plans aim to overcome space constraints and enhance the airport’s capabilities.

2. Which airlines operate the longest route from Seattle to Miami?

American and Alaska Airlines operate the longest route from Seattle to Miami, with American using the Airbus A321neo and Alaska using the Boeing 737-900 and 737-9 (MAX 9).

3. How many flights are there to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, and which airlines compete?

There are 2,717-mile flights to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. Delta and Alaska Airlines compete on this route, with Alaska using the MAX 9s and Delta using the A321neos.

4. What’s significant about the Seattle to Lihue route, and who operates it?

The Seattle-Lihue route is the third-longest, covering 2,701 miles. Alaska and Delta jointly operate this route, providing a combined seat offering of 31,744 seats.

5. How does Alaska dominate the Seattle-Kona route, and what aircraft are mentioned?

Alaska dominates the Seattle-Kona route with over 1,200 flights, using three 737 variants. Delta also operates this route with daily A321neo flights.

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