How to spend a weekend in Las Vegas

weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a truly amazing place and it is flooded with a lot of opportunities to be enjoyed by the people.  This place is so lively and it has a diverse culture with the people living there. right from the beautiful beaches to luxurious cafes, you will find everything to spice up your weekend in Las Vegas. 

You will find the top-notch astonishing arts and dining to keep yourself entertained during the weekend.  You can explore the exhilarating club and pub during your weekend. Besides, there are much more activities that can be done in Las Vegas and just to make your work easier we have tried to compile some of the spots where you can spend your weekend in the best way in Las Vegas.  without any further ado let’s proceed. 

Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Las Vegas

Latest what is the best way you can use your weekend to enjoy in the beautiful city,  Las Vegas.

Friday Evening

On Friday evening when you finally visit Las Vegas,  you can go for dining in one of the most incredible restaurants, Wing Lei. In this restaurant, you can have some of the best Asian cuisines, also one of the first Chinese restaurants in the US to be awarded a Michelin star.  Further, you can spend your Friday evening by watching some of the iconic shows in Las Vegas. There, you can from several options including a comedy show, a magical show, or a musical show. One of the best shows in Las Vegas is Le Reve: the dream which has been voted as the best among all for 6 years.

Saturday Morning

One of the best things with which you can start your Sunday morning in Las Vegas is by watching the sports at the Lagasse’s Stadium. There you can watch the ultimate sports by relaxing on comfortable couches as the sitting of the stadium and also eat some delicious snacks. From there you can also visit the Palazzo Hotel for your breakfast which is connected to the stadium and serves some of the best cuisines of Las Vegas.

Saturday Noon

You can spend your Saturday noon by hanging out by the pool in the deserted sun. You can also go for the Wynn pool for the Encore Beach Club in order to spend your warm Saturday noon at Las Vegas with some chilled drinks. But if you want you can also take a nap in order to restore your energy for exploring the nightlife of Vegas.

Saturday Evening

Get ready to explore one of the best thing of your life, the nightlife at Las Vegas. Dress out the best as you can and go out to to the best spot in Las Vegas, XS club. While all of the clubs in Las Vegas are best when it comes to partying on Saturday evening,  you can also consider other options as the Chainsmokers, Avicii, Zedd, David Guetta and many more. After having the best nightlife, you can go out to have casual dinner at Wazuzu, the best Asian restaurant with a very friendly customer service. There, you can try the Drunken noodles at the restaurant which is one of the yummiest food served there.


On Sunday, you can proceed to have a branch at a calm and casual restaurant before leaving the town. As the best option, you can go for a Sunday brunch at the Wynn Country Club where you can find the best food in the town. There you also get to explore the beautiful view of the golf course and some of the most soothing music setting the wonderful atmosphere. 

After spending the best weekend of your life, it’s time to fly back your home with some of the great memories.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning for a happening and a spectacular vacation,  one of the best choices among all is to visit Las Vegas in the US. The above article has enlisted some of the best ways and places to visit in Las Vegas for each day of your weekend where you can spend your vacation and also enjoy the best of your time. Besides this, you can also have the best bachelors party at Las Vegas along with the adventurous activities to do in Las Vegas. You can fly to Vegas using American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and from Latin American Cities Avianca Airlines.

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