How to Travel Healthy? Fight Against Corona Virus!

During the past few months, the Coronavirus has been spreading fastly all across the globe, hitting almost every continent around the world. Seeing the severity of the virus spread, the Director-General of WHO (World Health Organisation) has issued several healthy travelling guidelines for the people who need to travel during the pandemic situation. All the people who have been or will be travelling from national or International locations must follow certain healthy travelling guidelines in order to stay healthy and contain the deadly virus spread.

Below discussed are some of the instructions and guidelines which the citizens must follow in order to abide by the ways of healthy travelling and stay safe during this deadly virus pandemic. 

Steps to Take Before Travelling

Before the start of travelling, the citizens must keep in mind and follow the given below instructions:

  • It is advised for the citizens to implement proper planning and discussion with an authorised and experienced person regarding travelling measures to be taken.
  • The citizens must be well equipped with all the requirements and medical kits which they might require during the travel.
  • The citizens must be well aware of the symptoms, signs and precautions to be taken in terms of Coronavirus while being in a mode of public transport.
  • It is also recommended for the citizens to abide by and properly attend the screening process before travelling. 
  • Don’t forget to pack hand sanitizer, soap and safety mask before going en route. 

Steps to Take While Travelling

The following steps must be carefully  followed by the citizens while travelling to ensure healthy travel:

  • It is recommended for the citizens to keep wearing safety mask while being on a mode of public transport and maintain one-metre distance from others.
  • The citizens should avoid touching any metal surface as much as they can and if they do, don’t forget to use hand sanitizer immediately after and before touching your face or eating something.
  • If anyone feels not well being amidst travel, it is advisable for them to inform the travel authorities or assistants as soon as possible.
  • If feasible, the travellers should leave one seat at alternate positions while travelling to maintain the distance from others.
  • The travellers must listen to the rules and regulations as specified by the travel authority and must abide by them while travelling.

Steps to Take Upon Arriving

Upon arrival on any place, the travellers must follow the given guidelines and rules carefully:

  • Do not skip the screening process on the airports upon arrival in the respective place.
  • Carefully attend all the health and data analysis process before you walk out of the airport or other transport authorities hub.
  • Upon arrival at your place or the respective hotel, do not forget to clean up yourself before touching anything else.
  • Wash your hands properly and the clothes which you were wearing during the travelling before eating or touching anything. 
  • It is advisable for the travellers to throw the mask used while travelling to ensure virus from outside doesn’t get spread inside.

Additional tips for Healthy Travelling

The travellers must follow some additional tips while travelling to ensure that they remain healthy and safe from the virus while travelling:

  • Do not talk to any stranger or other citizens while travelling as someone might be affected by the virus which you may not be aware of.
  • Make sure not to touch any metal or substance while being in the middle of your travelling and make sure to sanitize your hands soon after touching anything.
  • If you cough or sneeze while travelling, cover your mouth with a tissue or protective mask and clean your hands soon after.
  • Do not forget to avoid any of the health precautions and measurement which is recommended by the travel authorities to avoid any problems later. 


Although citizens are completely advised to restrict any travelling amid the deadly virus pandemic is over, some people might need to travel in case of an emergency. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has implemented some of the basic and necessary travelling measurements and precautions to take in order to travel healthy. Hence, it is advisable for the people to abide by all of these measurements in order to ensure that they stay safe and healthy while and after travelling to any place; national or International. 

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