Coronavirus outbreak in Mexico: Health Emergency declared

Coronavirus outbreak in Mexico: Health Emergency declared

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in Mexico, the health minister of Mexico has declared an emergency to aware people of this pandemic disease.

Mexico’s government has announced certain stringent measures to keep the breakdown of this deadly virus. This emergency has been declared in Mexico after the Corona cases rise to 1,000 and the death rates are rapidly increasing.

As of now, the situation of Mexico is really getting worse and a total of almost 1,094 people are infected with this virus.

Prior to one day, there were 933 people infected and the deaths rose substantially and there were 28 people who died due to this virus.

After summering the situation of the place, the foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard announced for a health emergency.

The government of Mexico has also declared the emergency and prohibited the non-essential activities till 30th April 2020.

Further, the government has not allowed people to gather at one place together to reduce the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus.

Moving ahead, it is also opined by the citizens that this virus can affect the elderly people who are above 60 years of age. Due to which the government has asked the people to stay at their homes to stay away from deadly coronavirus.

This virus cannot be taken lightly as it is contagion and can cause a lot of destruction. The only way to save ourselves from this virus is to avoid social gatherings and stay at home as much as possible.

Lockdown can hit the economy badly

There are several nations that have declared the entire lockdown for a few days. But considering the Mexico financial condition, the president of the country has not declared proper lockdown as the economy of the country is already slumping up.

If the government declares the proper lockdown in the city, this can hit the economy of the place badly and can cause the drastic situation of the people.

Due to the fact that Mexico accounts for the highest rate of diabetes and obesity patients, the health experts have declared it the most vulnerable to the impact of the virus than the relatively young age on average.

As per the legal statement issued by Marcelo Ebrard the foreign minister of Mexico the health emergency world be implied until April 30th during which any person or industry found to ignore the rules would have to go under penal actions.

However, unlike any other countries, facing the same outbreak, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has not implied a lockdown, social distancing or any other strict measures to prevent the deadly coronavirus spread because of concern in context to the economy of Mexico getting hit hard.

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Impact of health Emergency on daily lives

As the Mexican government has declared a health emergency, the schools will be closed till April 20th to avoid the children’s gatherings.

Besides this, public events have also been suspended until the health emergency. The suspension also includes the bars, gym, theatre, restaurants, zoos, recreation centers, and so on.

The government has strictly imposed the order of Prohibition the social gatherings.

Also, the Jalisco Governor Enrique has announced to block the flights for seven states from the places with a high number of Coronavirus patients.

These seven states include Colima, Aguascalientes, Nayarit, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, and Michoacan. The people are not allowed to travel domestically in Mexico during the health emergency.

Also, the government has also sealed the US and Mexico land border. However, the health workers, trade, and cargo are allowed to get ahead from the borders so that it cannot affect the situation of the place.

What to do During the Quarantine?

Seeing the outbreak and fast transmission of the virus, the local authorities and the health ministry adopt some measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

In order to prevent the increasing number of local causes, the citizens are advised to cancel all the trips to foreign countries where the outbreak of the virus has been in a bad phase.

Apart from this, some other measures which the people must follow in order to prevent getting the virus are listed below:

  • The people are advised to clean their hands frequently with either an alcohol-based sanitizer or with just a normal soap and water. It is also advised to rub your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds as the virus requires at least 20 seconds of washing to be washed away from the hands.
  • At the time of coughing or sneezing, you must cover your mouth with hands or a tissue. DO not forget to throw the tissue immediately after and wash your hands.
  • Use mask while going out and do not touch any metal as the virus can get transmitted through the metallic surface. Use gloves or wash your hands immediately after coming back in.
  • If you find any of the symptoms of viruses such as mild fever, difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, respiratory illness and so, call the emergency immediately before the case worsens.

All of the people are advised to follow these preventive measures as a step for precaution.

As per the health ministry department, until the vaccine for the disease is not found, the people should follow all the measures to slow down the transmission of the virus as much as they can.


With almost hundreds of countries coming in contact with the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, Mexico no longer remains untouched by the disease.

Seeing the rapid growth of the virus, the health ministry of Mexico has declared a health emergency in the place in the lieu of which any person or organization not abiding by the stringent rules will have to face the negative consequences.

While the other countries have adopted lockdown as the most effective measure to control the virus transmission, Mexico is still not ready to adopt such measures due to its already steeping economy which can hit even harder.

Whatever be the case, people don’t know if the virus is going to eat up Mexico just like the other countries, or can it be saved by following the preventive measures before its too late? 

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