Complete Travel Guide to Cali Colombia

Is Cali Colombia Worth Visiting ? 

Cali is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department that is situated in Colombia. This city is an extraordinary modern city with a diverse population. Cali offers the tourists an ultimate experience by enjoying swimming, soccer, volleyball, running, tennis, golf and a lot more as it is the center of the outdoor activities and sports. 

Cali in Columbia is steeped in its rich history and a variant culture. Besides this, Cali is also famous for its music and dance and is also called the Salsa capital. This city has many amazing restaurants to offer to the visitors and the nightlife is tempting. 

How to go to Cali Colombia

Cali is a city that is famous for various things. This place has a perfect package to offer to its visitors. Everyday many international flights are flying to Cali. Booking the flights with the United Airlines, Avianca Airlines, and the United States can get huge deals on the Cali flights. 

The airport that is operational in the Cali is the Cali Alfonso B. Aragon Intl Airport. 

The tourist can easily get rental cars or taxis to get around the place. Besides this, the shuttle services, public buses are also available at the airport. 

The shuttle services can be a bit expensive as compared with the taxis. 

When to visit Cali

Cali temperature is quite hot in the month of the march through this time, the rain rarely falls once every 7 days. This is the busiest month for the visitors in Cali. This spring is considered a good time to be in Cali. 

Besides this, the perfect month to visit Cali is December. This month is the second busiest month for the Cali tourists.

Important points to consider before Visiting Cali

  • While travelling to Cali, make sure to carry comfortable and light-weighted clothes along with you. 
  • The easiest and quickest way to get around the city is via the integrated transportation system known as MOI.

Things to do in Cali

Cali is a city that is full of the rhythm and it has a lot more that can be explored by the travellers. The places that are worth for your bucket list are:

1. Rio Cali

The Rio Cali runs along with the north finish of downtown Cali, on the opposite side of which lies the Zona Rosa, an upscale region. The zone along the riverfront has been changed over into a significant lot of park where you’ll discover bike paths, passerby cordial strolling, adequate spots to sit in the shade, and some cool craftsmanship and sculptures. It’s a stunning and pleasing region to unwind and take in the sights and hints of Cali.

2. San Antonio

A short stroll from the focal Plaza Caicedo, Barrio San Antonio is the memorable heart of Cali, a vivacious neighbourhood fixed with exquisite pilgrim houses and neglected by the peak San Antonio Church. This isn’t just Cali’s most established area, yet it’s generally bohemian and the boulevards of San Antonio are a disorder of comfortable bistros and gourmet eateries, craftsmanship exhibitions and road workmanship establishments. You can also explore nearby planner boutiques and market slow down, and movie clubs impacting out salsa until the early hours.

3. Cat Park

Cat Park, also known as Parque del Gato began its working in the year 1996, when a mammoth bronze figure, El Gato Rio (The River Cat) was raised along the banks of the Cali River. The amazing model was made in Bogota and moved to Cali and turned into the focal point of the recently redesigned parklands extending along the riverfront. The River Cat was so famous, it was before long joined by progressively cat companions and today a progression of 15 little cats species can be found in the recreation centre, including a fibreglass feline model and brilliant figures by neighbourhood craftsmen like Alejandro Valencia Tejada, Nadin Ospina, etc.

4. Capilla La Ermita

Along the most distant edge of the recreation centre in Cali, you will see the extravagant little house of prayer known as La Ermita, with its splendid shading and white trim, it orders consideration from all through the recreation centre. 

The church is wonderful, yet it’s entirely little. All things considered, it is only a house of prayer. 

The beautiful architecture in the midtown territory encompassing the recreation centre and church are similarly noteworthy for you. Old pioneer structures that harken back to bygone eras and feel somewhat like something totally iconic, yet really beautiful.

5. San Antonio Church

Simply over the area of San Antonio, off toward the west, lies the San Antonio Church, sitting gladly on a little slope. 

The congregation itself is nothing fantastic to see, it’s not luxurious, and it’s significantly littler than La Ermita, yet the view from the slope is truly outstanding (and it is considerably more generally open than the large slopes referenced before). You can see the sheer size of the valley loosening up beneath and the towers ascending from the midtown hallway. 

It’s an extraordinary spot to get a diagram of the city and makes for a perfect stop.

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