When to book flights for Christmas, know more!

Best time to book Flights for Christmas

Festivals are important, and we always think that the flights are quite expensive during the festival time.  This is correct up to an extent, but every airline has different days and the best time to book flight tickets for the festivals, to let the customers save their hard-earned cash. When to book flights for Christmas, know more!

Christmas is a very cute festival that is being celebrated by many millions of us. so it becomes essential for us to book tickets for our preferred destination where we want to celebrate this festival. We always come up with the best days to book flights for Christmas.

We strive to get the best deals on flight tickets for this celebration, and due to this, a lot of conflicting advice can occur on the best day to get the flight tickets for Christmas.  The flight tickets at the flight deals keep fluctuating often.

Nobody wants to book the tickets to early, but at the same time, it is really a tiresome task to hit the bull’s eye on the best day to get the best deals on flight tickets.  During the festival season, many of us travel to our favorite destination or to our family. It can be a stressful task to find out the best days to get the best flight tickets for Christmas.  We have searched and come up with the number of best days when you can book the flight tickets and grab the best deals. 

Best Time to Book Flight for Christmas

It is best to book a flight ticket for Christmas at least two weeks prior to the festival, which will allow you to save up to 50% on normal flight ticket rates. The best-recommended slot to book the ticket for Christmas is between November 23 and December 9. While most people believe that booking a few extra months prior to the festival will help them save more on the flight tickets, booking tickets more than 3 months prior will actually cause you to spend over 20% more on the flight tickets.

The best advisable date to fly for Christmas is on the eve of Christmas or on December 23rd to get the best discount on the flight tickets. Passengers are recommended to avoid booking the flight tickets on December 21, as it could cause them to spend even more as compared to other days.

The cheapest month to book flight tickets is October, when passengers can get prices over 4% lower than the average price of flight tickets. International flights in October are found to be 3% more expensive than in December. Hence, travelers should book domestic flight tickets in October while avoiding international flights in the same month.

As per the research on the best time to book flight tickets for Christmas, the best week between which the passengers should book the flight tickets is between the eighth week of October and the last week of November. According to the data, booking flight tickets during a given week can help passengers save up to 5% on Christmas flights.

Also, it is best to avoid booking flight tickets a week before Christmas, as customers could spend up to 9% more than average while booking a flight ticket at this time.

The best month for flight-bookingNovember 23 to December 9
Best time on the eve of Christmas
The most expensive monthAfter 1st week of December

Average Prices for Christmas Flight Tickets

We researched to analyze the average cost of a flight ticket that is booked during the Christmas holiday. As per the data collected, we explored that travelers spend more than average during holidays to book a ticket to their destinations. Moreover, it was found that, compared to the average flight ticket rate, people pay up to $500 extra on Christmas over the standard fare. The main reason that can be analyzed for the price spike in flight tickets during the Christmas festival is that most people tend to book flight tickets four to six months before the holiday, which causes them to spend more than average on flight tickets.

The Best Deals Over Christmas Flights

As Halloween comes as the best time to book flight tickets for Thanksgiving, the same is the case for Christmas. Booking a flight ticket on Halloween can help travelers get a discount of up to 5% on the normal fare. Although it is not good to book the flight tickets for Christmas so early, you can also wait for the time period of two to three weeks prior to Christmas, which is the best time to get the best deals and discounts on the flight tickets to your home.

As per our research and data analysis, the best day on which you can find great deals and discounts on a flight ticket is December 8th, after which the prices for flight tickets begin to spike with each passing day.

Apart from this, another good time to book flight tickets is between October 26 and November 27, which is the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and that can help travelers get a significant discount on the average ticket fare.

Similarly, travelers who book flight tickets around the first week of December, specifically on the 8th and 9th of December, are likely to get the best fares on the flight tickets.

However, flight tickets start to sell out after the first week of December, and the prices of Christmas flight tickets can spike up to 15% over the standard fare.


The festival days are the most expensive for travelers to book flight tickets. You can still get the best deals and save some of your merited money by booking flight tickets to your favorite destination. All passengers must do is book the flight tickets according to the best dates. To conclude, you can book your Christmas flights during October and the first week of December to grab exclusive deals on flight tickets. It is also recommended to wait to buy the ticket after the first week of December, as the prices of the tickets get slightly higher than their actual rates. So, enjoy this Christmas at your favorite destination or home place with the best flight deals.

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