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If you want to gain the best experience on your trip to California, then you must go for the California Road trip which is flooded with a lot of things to do. After trekking in California,  going on a road trip to California is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful State of America.  from high-class cities to amazing national parks, has everything which a road tripper wood look forever. However, it is best when you plan your road trip before going to the California which will help you to plan how much will your trip cost and where exactly will you visit on your road trip to California.

This blog is going to enlist some of the most beautiful and charming places which you can explore while going on a road trip to California:

The cost of California Road Trip

When it comes to exploring California through a road trip, it can be heavy on your pocket slightly but the experience you are going to get is totally worth it! However, using some effective methods and ways, You can always save huge money on your trip and enjoy it at a reasonable price. On average, you can expect the expenditure for California road trip to range in between 1$00 to $300 which will include various charges such as gas, food & beverages, lodging, rental cars and visiting various destinations. 

Although most of the expenditure is covered by the rental car which you are going to book for the road trip. However, if you want to cut your high cost for the road trip, it is better to visit California when it’s not the peak season so that you can get the resources at cheaper rates.  The costs are going to be higher on the gas too because of the size of the California State which you will definitely explore for over 7 to 8 hours. However, the food and beverages along with the lodging can help you save a lot by choosing the best place to stay depending on the rates of the hotels.

Further, let us look at some of the best destinations which you cannot miss while on your trip to California:

Lassen Volcanic National Park

One of the best places to visit while being on a road trip to California is the Shastra Cascade located in the North-Eastern region. It is best to start in the Redding and go up to Shasta lake which is the largest reservoir of California and also a hotbed for water sports and fishing. After exploring the Shasta lake, you can also drive up to the 164 foot Mount Shaista which is also recognised as the “blood turn to Wine” by John Muir. Another thing to explore At the same location is the castle Craig State Park, 500 miles away Volcanic Legacy Scenic byway,  and Mc-Arthur Bernie Falls Memorial state park where you can also find the beautiful 12948 Burney falls. Finally, you can visit the charming and most beautiful Placid Lake Almanor where you get to explore the steaming bubbles of Larsen volcanic national park and the mud pots.

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

Another classic destination which you can explore on your road trip to California is the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway which is a long drive along the road full of forest and dirt which offers you a peek into how the Sierra looked like a century ago. The best is to start from road 81 forest which is near the town of the North Fork, also 40 miles North East to Fresno, which will take you for a route of 90 miles. At this route, you will find one of the most iconic and mesmerising views including the Granite Domes, High Peaks, Conifer Forest, Jesse Ross Cabin of the Year 1860 and the Bull Buck Tree which is one of the oldest trees of the world known to be of 2,700 years old.

Napa Valley Silverado Trail

Napa Valley is one of the most classic and oldest built roads of California which was constructed in the year of 1852 as the link between the towns of Calistoga and Napa. In the current scenario, the same road runs in parallel to the state highway which will give you easy access to some of the best beverages centres in California. It is best to start with Napa and continue to the way North where you will find some of the best wineries including Clos Du Val, Reynolds Family Winery and the iconic rich Mumm Napa. If you want to rest, you can also explore some of the fabulous and classic hotels in this route including Solage Calistoga Auberge Du Soleil, or Meadowood Napa Valley.

Fresno Blossoms and Fruit Tales

If you are planning your road trip to California in late winters, this is the best location where the Loop East Fresno appears like a rainbow of pastels spread across acres of land with nut trees such as Almond, peaches, plums, cherries and various blossoming fruits. If you are planning the trip in the early summer, you will find juicy harvest stock in the local fruit markets. It is best to proceed with the route of state route 180 which will take you to some of the beautiful towns of state such as Orange Cove, Sanger, Kingsburg and Reedley. You can also explore the Simonian Farms which was established in 1901 as a fruit stand in a giant red barn. Further, you can also taste the red wines at Cedar View Binary which are made with rarely found Alincate Bouschet Grapes.


Going on a road trip to California is one of the best things which can do if you are planning an iconic vacation.  Although the road trip can be slightly expensive for you in terms of cost, the experience which you will be having on the trip will be unforgettable and totally worth it.  California is home to some of the most iconic destinations such as Lassen Volcanic National Park, Napa Valley Silverado’s Trail, Sierra Vista Scenic Byway and Fresno Blossoms and Fruit Tales which will make your trip one of the best trips of your life. You can also approach to the California travel guide 2020 before getting your tickets booked.

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