When to book flights for Thanksgiving

We all look for the best time to get great deals and due to which we prefer to book our flight tickets in advance. Especially if it’s a festival time, there are chances that you might not get the seats if not booked earlier or probably you will have to pay more which most of us don’t like.  But different airlines have different deals and the best time for the traveller to book their flights.  

Although many of the people believe that booking the flight tickets prior to the actual date of the festival will help then get a cheaper rate on the tickets, the case is often not the same. As per the expert’s advice for the customers, it is much better to book the flights for Thanksgiving only a few weeks prior to get the lowest fares.

There is no surprise in knowing that we get stuck in between the best time to book flights. But reading this might be your curb for this if you are planning to book your flights for Thanksgiving.

Best time to book flights for Thanksgiving

We have researched the data from past years to bring the best time for you to book your flight tickets for Thanksgiving if you have not booked it yet. Every year, more than 60 million users book their flights to their homes to celebrate their Thanksgiving. 

According to the data we have gone through for the past years, the best time to book flights for Thanksgiving is after the Halloween or in the month of September when the price rates are slightly lower than their actual rates. You can also book your flights for Thanksgiving in the month of October to save a little bit of your hard-earned cash. 

Moreover, if you are booking your flight 13 days prior to the expected date of Thanksgiving,  you might get 7% cheaper flight than the average days. There is another option also available if you are booking your flight tickets for  Thanksgiving 8 weeks prior to the scheduled date which will also let you bargain the flight with up to 6% discount. 

As per the experts, the best time to book flight tickets for Thanksgiving is a week before Halloween. This is the time when most of the price over the flight tickets are found with up to 20% discount on the flight tickets for the travellers. Hence, it is advisable to book flight tickets at least 1 to 2 months prior to Thanksgiving, or just before Halloween in order to get a good discount price over the flight tickets. Booking tickets in this time frame will help the travellers to save up to 10% over the booking. In the meantime, after this time frame, the rates of flight tickets can continue to spike with each passing day. 

Average Price for flights during Thanksgiving

As per our research on average price which people expect for the flight tickets to at the time of Thanksgiving, we prepared some insights on what actually costs to get flight tickets around the time of holidays. As per our insight on the report, it was clear that the people who booked flight tickets through Airohub tend to get tickets at a cheaper rate as compared to the average price around the time of holidays. These tickets for flights through Airohub cost cheaper than average for not only solo travellers but also for the largest group booking flights tickets.

Biggest Savings on Flight Tickets for Thanksgiving

One of the secret to get the biggest saving on flight tickets for Thanksgiving is to book the flight ticket one night prior to the festival. Not only this but booking the flight tickets a night before Thanksgiving or on the actual day of Thanksgiving can help the travellers save the most on the flight tickets. Although travelling on the same day as Thanksgiving can be a bit hectic for the travellers, but it can also help them gain the most significant discount over the flight rates. As per the expert’s analysis over the topic, the travellers who travel through the flight on Thanksgiving tend to pay about $100 less as compared to other people who travel prior to the festival.

If travelling on the same day of the Thanksgiving does not work out for you, another alternate option is to book the flight tickets a week before which can also help the travellers to save almost the similar amount on flight tickets. As per advised by the experts, it is best to book the flight tickets on a Monday or Tuesday to get the best deals on flight tickets which can help the travellers to get a discount of up to 23% per ticket as compared to other days of the week. It is also a wise decision to travel on a Sunday which comes prior to the Thanksgiving in order to get good deals over the flight tickets.

On the other hand,  if you want to save and gain good discounts over the flight tickets while returning after the Thanksgiving, it is best to return on a Sunday which comes after the festival which can help you get over 32% of discount over the flight ticket. It is also best to return a day after Thanksgiving which can help you get the best savings over the flight tickets as compared to other days.

The best month for flight-bookingSeptember
Savings monthAugust to avail 7% and October to get 6% discount
No discounts in the monthNovember


Most of the people tend to book flight tickets for holidays in advance in a desired to get cheaper rates. However, most of the airlines and flight agencies advice different time to book a flight ticket for holidays. As per the advice of the experts, it is best to book the flight tickets only a month prior to the festival.  similarly, it is advisable that the travelers should book the ticket for Thanksgiving either a month prior or on the same day to get the best discount over the flight tickets. It is also advisable for the Travelers to book the flight tickets for thanksgiving on a Monday or Tuesday which can help them can gain the best discount and deals over the flight tickets.

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