Avianca resumes regular flights to Venezuela after a six-year hiatus!

A prominent Colombian airline is set to resume regular flights to Venezuela on December 16, returning to this significant market after a six-year absence. This development follows a hiatus due to operational security concerns and challenges in repatriating funds. Explore the details of Avianca’s comeback and the broader context of airlines seeking approval for flights between the two countries.

Avianca’s Return to Venezuela

Explore the eagerly anticipated Avianca’s return to Venezuela as the renowned airline re-establishes its presence in the country. Discover seamless travel experiences with enhanced connectivity.

After a six-year absence, Avianca is poised to resume regular flights to Venezuela starting December 16. The Colombian airline had obtained approval from Colombia’s aviation authority and awaited the green light from Venezuela’s authorities. The plan is to operate seven weekly flights on this crucial route.

Airlines Gaining Approval for Venezuela

Apart from Avianca, several other airlines are making strides in securing approval for flights between Venezuela and Colombia. The United States Office of Foreign Assets Control has reported progress for the following carriers:

  1. Avior Airlines
  • Venezuelan carrier Avior Airlines is in discussions to serve the two nations with its Boeing 737-200/400 aircraft.
  1. Laser Airlines
  • Laser Airlines has received approval from Venezuelan and Colombian authorities and plans to operate seven weekly flights between Maiquetía in Venezuela and Colombia. Laser boasts a fleet of ten MacDonnell Douglas aircraft.
  1. Turpial Airlines
  • Turpial Airlines has already commenced operations between Caracas and Bogota, contributing to the increasing connectivity between the two countries.
  1. LATAM
  • LATAM has secured approval from both governments for seven weekly flights between Bogota and Caracas, further enhancing travel options.
  1. Wingo
  • Wingo, a low-cost carrier owned by the Copa Airlines group, has received approval from Colombian authorities for potential routes, including flights between Bogotá and Caracas and Medellín and Caracas.

Avianca’s Recent Incident and Diplomatic Resolution

Avianca’s decision to resume flights comes after a recent incident where one of its aircraft was approached by Venezuelan warplanes, prompting the airline to suspend flights temporarily. Diplomatic conversations between the governments of Colombia and Venezuela have resulted in clarifications, leading to the authorization of Avianca’s operations to and from Venezuela.

The incident highlighted longstanding tensions between the two South American neighbors, with occasional accusations of provocation and support for guerrillas. The resumption of Avianca’s flights signals a positive step in diplomatic relations, with both nations confirming that the situation has been resolved.

Conclusion: Avianca‘s return to regular flights in Venezuela is a significant development, reflecting improving diplomatic relations and increased air connectivity between Colombia and Venezuela. The airline’s comeback sets the stage for enhanced travel options and economic ties between the

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