Airport Sleeping Pods, Cabins, and Lounges

Knowing the basics of the Airport sleeping pods

Travelling is time-consuming, especially when you are taking a flight for the long haul. At the point when you are investing such a great amount of energy to make a trip, it’s essential to get some rest any place you can. 

While you are travelling for the long haul, sleeping or taking rest at the hotels is not possible because of the time. Thus, to overcome this, you can utilize the sleep pods which is quite convenient and economical.

Features of the Airport sleeping pods

Travelers always find it quite difficult to take rest during their journey. So, Airport sleeping pods become the savior. This sleeping pod is a one or two-person pod where they can rest and sleep while travelling. 

These airport sleeping pods are associated with the power sockets and reading light to make the passengers feel comfortable resting. This sleeping pod has also many other features that make it similar to the capsule hotels, Japan. While the basic sleeping pods consist of basic amenities such as internet, lighting, luggage compartment and power connectors; some advanced sleeping pods also resembles hotel room facilities.

These capsule sleeping pods have become so popular that it is known worldwide and now are operational at the airports too. 

Types of Airport Sleeping Pods

The passengers can find various types of airport sleeping pod. Nap seating covered with the private cabin is what makes the passengers get a relaxing space at the time of their journey. Some of the well-known airport sleeping pods are listed below:

YotelAir: YotelAir is a popular company providing airport sleeping pods which resembles a capsule hotel with a private cabin consisting of a single or double bed, washroom and work space. The sleeping pod also consists of free WI-FI connection, smart TV with an adjustable smart bed.

GoSleep:  Go-sleep airport sleeping pods work best when the customer wants some privacy in a busy airport. The Go-sleep Sleeping Pods consists of an innovative reclining seat with a cover, featuring free internet access, reading light, luggage compartment and power connection. The passengers can use their reclining seat to convert it to a fully flatbed and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

SleepBox: Sleep-box is a simple airport sleeping pod which consists of a single or a double bed with desk space. Sleep-box sleeping pods also consists of basic amenities such as Wi-Fi, power connection, and lighting lamp. Furthermore, to maintain privacy for the passengers, the sleeping pods are made soundproof and consists of small window shades.

NapCab: As the name suggests, Nap-cab airport sleeping pods are best when it comes to resting for passengers. These sleeping pods are made soundproof with a comfortable bed and a work-space. The sleeping pods also consists of power connectors, Wi-Fi, anti jet lag lighting and multimedia touch screen to get all the information related to flights.

Airport Cabins

Cabins: The Premium Solution for Passenger’s Comfort

When it comes to the comfort of the passengers,  sleeping cabins comes as a second option after airport sleeping pods various airports install how high-quality sleeping cabins in the secure areas to provide an optimal solution to the passengers In context to the comfort and private space needed by them to spend the time in between the flights at the airport. Sleeping cabins are full of all the facilities and air condition to provide the passengers proper package of comfort needed for a quick timeout. Some of the main features offered by the sleeping at the airport cabins include privacy for the passengers’ comfortable beds workspace sufficient baggage space multimedia range, Free internet access and proper lighting for anti jetlag settings.

The best factor which is associated with these cabins is an attractive design which combines with effective use of space through which the cables can be quickly installed with minimal effort and time in any location. Whether it be to get a power nap to complete any pending work sleeping cabins comes as the best premium solution for the passengers.  

Features of Airport Cabins

The airport cabins offer an exclusive solution for resting of the travellers without causing any financial risk for the airports.  which travellers can rent the required space provided inside the cabin for which the maintenance cleaning and services are organised by the officials at the airport. 

The airport cabins design with the aim to meet the need of the passengers to Cater to their comfort necessity while they wait for the flight. The different cabin services offered at airports varies from location to location depending on their capabilities and the organising company. 

Some of the features which are provided by the airport Cabin for the travellers are enlisted in the points below:

  • The airport cabins are made soundproof in order to provide privacy and comfortable sleep with proper privacy to the passengers. 
  • The cleanliness and maintenance of these cables are maintained by the airport professionals so that the passengers could get a clean and tidy room.
  • These cabins are also equipped with workspaces consisting of free internet access and power connections in order to provide a seamless working environment for the passengers. 
  • These cabins also consist of iPod and MP3 player Docking stations to ensure full entertainment of the passengers while they wait in the cabin.
  • The Travellers also get the feature of multimedia touchscreen using which they can get the information about the flight and other miscellaneous entertainment options.
  • Other facilities which are provided with the Airport Cabins include mirror, alarm clock, coat hook, and windows blinds to maintain privacy.
  • The visitors can also use the credit card or Girocard for an intuitive check-in and checkout.
  • The cabins also provide free or occupied status on the screen installed on the outer gate of the cabin. 
  • The cabin consists of an existing escalation mechanism with remote access to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of an emergency at the airport.
  • The cabins are also equipped with intuitive software system through which the passengers can enjoy their visit without any interference of permanent staff at the cabin.

Airport Lounges

What is Airport Lounges?

When it comes to spending time between flights at airports, lounges are one of the best options which are open to all the travellers regardless of their class. Most of the time, the travellers have to go through long waiting time at the airport at odd hours which can cause a great degree of inconvenience for the travellers. In such a situation, airport lounges offer a perfect option of convenience for the travellers through which they can spend time, freshen up and take rest at the airport while waiting for connecting flight. Airport lounges provide good values to the passengers where they can pass their time and also enjoy their stay. 

To top it all and to make the travelling more convenient for the passengers, many banks also provide complimentary lounge access with debit cards to the customers without any extra charges. 

Features of Airport Lounges

The features and services included in airport lounges depend on the type of lounge and the location of the airport. Some of the major features which are offered by airport lounges to the passengers include the following enlisted services:

  • The passengers can access the food at these lounges which comes in the form of snacks or buffet-style meals.
  • Entry pass for this lounges at the airport also provides unlimited beverages which may also include alcohol depending on the type of the longe.
  • These lounges also include free internet access for the travellers including computer workstations for the passengers who do not own a private laptop so that they can complete their pending work while enjoying their stay in the lounge.
  • The lounges also include facilities of getting fresh or even taking a shower for the passengers who had to spend the night in the terminal and could not get the time to take a shower.
  • Using a few extra bucks, the passengers can also get the facilities of body massage to cure of the jet lag.
  • Some of the lounges also consist of sleeping rooms for travellers with proper privacy and comfortable beds if the travellers want to rest. 


Often the passengers travelling from one country to another may have to wait for a longer time during a flight delay or for a connecting flight. This may cause inconvenience to the passengers to wait for a longer time at the airport amidst the longest journey. However, some facilities such as airport sleeping pods, cabins, and lounges offer the best premium solution to the travellers providing them with an option to take rest, freshen up and utilise their time during the wait. Each of these sleeping services come up with their own set of features and services keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers and to provide them with the best resting options at reasonable prices. These services provide some of the best amenities such as free internet access, power connections, privacy along with some of the advanced features such as multimedia connection and free food & beverages facilities for the travellers.

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