8 Best Adventure Activities in Las Vegas

If you want to explore the nature and adventure of it, nothing sounds much better than Las Vegas.  Nevada in Las Vegas is the area which has some of the most amazing wonders of nature and outdoor adventures which can satisfy any adventure lovers who is in the constant need for exploration. Las Vegas gives you a lot of options including hot spring,  Rock climbing, hiking, National Park among others where you can explore the best of adrenaline-fulled adventurous activities in the town.

This article will overview the 8 best adventure activities which you can go for in Las Vegas which will be no less than a roller coaster ride for you. Moreover other than this, you can also enjoy the best Las Vegas bachelors party and a spectacular Weekend in Las Vegas.

The list of 8 Best Adventurous Activities in Las Vegas

1. Go for Hot Spring Hiking

The very first adventure on our list is the hot spring hiking in the Gold Strike Canyon. You can get the awesome trekking experience to the Colorado river and after the trekking, you can relax in the hot top style hot spring. You can get to the hot spring by taking an exit to from 193 before crossing the Pat Tillman Bridge. The hiking will take you over four hours including some rope climbing and dried up Lake bed. 

2. Explore Kayaking

Another most adventurous thing you can do is going for kayaking in the Colorado River where you will also find the views of Hoover Dam. Not only this but in the way, you will also get to explore the Emerald Cave and the wildlife inside it. The blazing paddle which has opened recently in the town offers a great tour to the Colorado River where you can also get to explore the full moon evening tour at Colorado river with some glowing Kayaks.

3. Bicycling

If you are a cyclist, Los Vegas will be no less than a heaven for you. With some of the stunning routes including the red Rock Canyon loop ending at west Charleston and the Rock National Park, you can get to explore over 13 miles of breathtaking roads with some towering mountains and Joshua trees.

4. Mountain Biking

Similar to cycling, you can also get to explore the mountain biking at the trails of Bootleg Canyon. At this place, you will find some of the most advanced riders racing down the Mountain while the glittering lights of Las Vegas spreading all over you. Going for a Mountain biking in some of the dangerous hilly roads of Las Vegas is no less than a roller coaster ride.

5. Horseback Riding

If you want to ditch some danger while being in Las Vegas and want to enjoy the landscape with the beautiful sunset,  you can go for a horseback ride. You can go for horseback riding for having the best breakfast for a Barbeque dinner while watching the stars behind your ride shining bright in the sky.

6. Rock Climbing

One of the most challenging and fun activities near Las Vegas is rock climbing. The mountains in Las Vegas are one of the best mountains for climbing with hand holes and natural foot. You don’t even need to worry if you are a beginner as you can find a lot of training institutes which will help you get started for the first time.

7. Jeep Rides

If you are a fan of some action movies and want to get that kick in your life too, you can go for Jeep Rides in Las Vegas. Through the Jeep Rides, you can explore the rocking adventure of the desert and some amazing off-roading with various options of a Jeep,  ATVs, and Dune Buggies.

8. Cliff Jumping

For the people who love to have an adrenaline rush,  Cliff jumping at Las Vegas is the best option. You can head towards the side of Lake Mead known as Nelson’s Landing by driving through a cool ghost town.  However, it is better to be safe while trying Cliff jumping and do not forget to take the advice of local jumping trainer before trying it.


If you are a person who is fond of trying adventurous activities and is looking for the best vacation this year, Las Vegas is the best town you can visit. Las Vegas consists of some of the most amazing and dangerous adventures in the natural surrounding such as Cliff jumping, Rock climbing, Jeep ride, cycling, packing, hot spring, hiking, kayaking, and many others which will help you get the best of your journey. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas for an adventurous trip this year,  the above article has enlisted the best 8 Adventures activities which you can try while your visit in Las Vegas.

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