Advantages of Flying Wide-body Aircraft

A wide-body aircraft is an aeroplane with a main body area big enough to fit in at least 2 traveller aisles. 

Often people think about the advantages of flying wide-body aircraft, thus, here is a compilation of a few advantages that you must read about the flying body aircraft. Let us begin.

Points for benefits of flying wide-body aircraft

  1. Space to move around mid-flight: This helps especially in long haul flights when everyone has to use the restroom and the aisle becomes too crowded. So the spacious two or more aisles can help a lot in managing that. Furthermore, we all have felt the need to stretch our legs during a long flight which is not possible in a narrow-body aircraft.
  2. More Overhead Bin Space: A wider body of the plane helps put in extra space which can be utilised for extra Overhead Bin space. This is such a relief for people to carry their luggage with them and can access them mid-flight. This also helps in avoiding long lines at the baggage collection for someone who is travelling light. 
  3. Better chance for upgrades: Wide-body aircraft are big planes with usually several hundreds of people flying in a single flight. Since there is a gold rush for cheap economy class travel, so your chances of getting rewarded with premium economy or even First class are very high. More seats mean a better chance of getting those aisle seats that we all crave for.
  4. Increased Margins for Airlines:  Wide-body planes mean more people in a single flight. That directly translates to better efficiency and higher margins for the airliner. This also means the cabin crew expenses per passenger also come down in comparison to narrow-body flights. 
  5. Cheaper Travel: Due to operational efficiency achieved by using wide-body aircraft the airlines can offer cheap travel options to customers. This helps the customer take advantage of cheaper prices and plan more trips on a budget without burning through the trip budget only in the airfare.
  6. Help Air Traffic Management: Since the number of flights from important airports is going through the roof and flight slots are hard to come by. An aircraft which can fill in more passengers is a lifesaver. Air traffic control management has become a challenge for authorities around the globe. With increasing aircraft parking charges and very limited flight slots. Airlines have a massive advantage in going for wide-body planes especially on busy routes. 

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