A Complete Gay Travel Guide

Best Hotels, Destinations, Places and Nightlife

Started with the gay tour of 1970 in the Grand Canyon and Rio de Janeiro,  several destinations have started opening for gay travel. Presently, there is an ample number of tour options around the globe which are spaning not only for gays but also for bisexual, lesbians, transgender, travellers and also their children. Some of the famous hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton have also dedicated LGBT microsites and vacation packages to provide the best travelling experience two same-sex marriages.

If you are planning for a gay trip, you will have to keep in mind some of the major factors such as safety, comfort, friendly accommodations, and fun places. In this blog, we will brief the complete travelling guide for the gay community which will cover the best hotels, destinations, places and nightlife for gay travel.

Best Hotels for Gay Travel

Below given an exclusive list of gay-friendly hotels where you will find both comfort and  friendly accommodation for staying & lodging while on your trip:

Sand Castle on the Beach

Located among the palms along white sandy beaches,  sandcastle is one of the best gay resorts where you can enjoy the golden sun and azure water of the beach. At this resort, you can find an ample number of options for rooms and suites to suit any of your desire. The menu at this resort ranges from traditional favourites to some of the local Island specialities with which you can celebrate and enjoy your dining experience at the breezy beach. You can also go for Scuba Diving, along with hiking, snorkelling trips, and much more

The Langham

Just 5 minutes away from the downtown, the Langham hotel is located at the Los Angeles original getaway. In this hotel, you get an option of over 379 elegant room, cottages and Suites, each designed to reflect the beauty of the place and stunning view of mountains and landscapes. At this hotel, you get to explore the exquisite cuisine such as Australian wagyu, Japanese Kobe sticks, and some of the Great cocktails, Artisanal Wines and premium beers to top it all.

The Maxwell Hotel Seattle

Created as a celebration of the living arts, the Maxwell hotel stands as a little bonkers of art with bright bold corridors, commissioned mural paintings, large mosaic pineapple in the lobby and art of the children across the indoor swimming pool. The hotel rooms of the Maxwell Hotel will give you a perfect balance experience of comfort and friendliness where all of the rooms are fully designed with plush pillow-top beds and some of the advanced amenities such as free internet, TV, designer bath products, microwave, mini-fridge and much more.

The Westin Guadalajara

The Westin Guadalajara is one of the most amazing hotels located in Jalisco, giving you an experience of staying in a gay-friendly and private accommodation.  You can find various spacious rooms and Suites at the hotel which are designed in stylish accommodation with several advanced and basic amenities such as LED TV, plush furnishing and much more. At this hotel, you get to explore the traditional dishes with likely modern twist at the Classic bar and grill of the hotel with a lovely sunlit atmosphere designed in the signature Bistro style.

Red Palm Village

If you want to spend your time amidst the beauty of nature, Red Palm Village is your ultimate destination which is a small scale resort located in Kunuku’s Lac Bay. At the rooms of this hotel, you will find large porches which are equipped with large shutter doors through which you can convert your indoor hotel into an outdoor space in just seconds. Along the poolside, you can find various options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks with some of the great ingredients and personal touch which will make you feel like you are at home.

Best Destinations for Gay Travel

Given below is a list of some of the best destinations for gay travel where you can find a friendly community and the least concern about sexual identity:


Known as one of the most friendly destinations in the Middle East for the LGBTQ community,  Israel is one of the most gay-friendly destinations with the most particular City, Tel Aviv.  Tel Aviv is the city of Israel which is known for its nightlife and also host an internationally respected pride celebration organised and funded by the government. At this place, gay couples can be seen holding hands openly and can freely enjoy their trip at the beaches, gyms, restaurants, bars, pubs and parties.

San Fransisco

San Francisco is a city with the richest LGBTQ history which was also home to Harvey Milk, the famous LGBTQ activist. At San Francisco, the gay travellers get the opportunity to explore the Compton’s Cafeteria which was also known as the meeting place for gay people in the year 1940s to 1970s. This place was also famous for the collective militant with resistance to police harassment in the US history where some police officer tried to arrest the gay people and they protested. You can explore some of the most historic and iconic GLBT historical society museum and Archives and also get to explore the rich heritage of the city’s queer.


Sydney is one of the most gay-friendly destinations around the globe where almost 61% of the population voted in the favour of gay marriages in a Landmark vote in 2017. You can put Sydney at the top of your bucket list where you get to see the cool sea, beautiful sunshine and the sassy queens. The primary area of the city for gay travellers, the Newtown is one of the most famous places for the gay culture which is also known as the most primary area for gay women. Here, you can also get to explore the last remaining women-only baths, the McIver’s Ladies Bath with the big hit sapphic Set.  Some of the main hubs for LGBTQ activities which you can enjoy in Sydney include Oxford Street in Darlinghurst and the amazing nightlife at the Imperial Erskineville, the Colombian Hotel, the Opera Bar, Arq and much more.

Palm Springs

Being one of the first LGBT City Council of America and home to the sunshine of 360 days,  Palm Springs is one of the most friendly gay destinations from around the globe. This colourful California playground is located in the Colorado desert which is one of the most significant LGBTQ contingency which has made these sunny spots for the community. To enjoy the nightlife at the palm Springs, you can go for hiking opportunities in the surrounding area and also enjoy at the Dinah Shore, which is one of the largest parties for gay Travellers in the world.


Just like the San Francisco, Berlin also consists of an extensive history for the LGBTQ community. Known as the home of world’s 1st Institute of sexual research in the year 1918, the city has made its name into the list of one of the most gay-friendly destinations around the world. This city lets the gay travelers explore the memorial to some of the most famous homosexuals who were prosecuted under the Nazism. The city is one of the most explicit destinations for gay travelers which is also renowned for being the most inclusive and diverse gay destinations around the world. In Berlin, there are various gay bars and pubs dedicated for an amazing nightlife including the Roses, the Prizefighting, Hale Welt, and many others.


With the advancement of time, various destinations around the globe have dedicated exclusive travelling deals and packages for gay travelers. While planning gay travel, it is very important for the travelers to keep in mind the comfort, safety and friendliness while visiting a place.  Travelers can find an ample number of options all around the globe where they can explore the history of the LGBT community and also enjoy the most amazing nightlife of their time.

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