5 Cheap Places in Houston to Eat

When it comes to Houston, you can never settle for anything less than an out of the world experience. In the space city, the food experience has to follow suit. Houston consists of rich and diverse cuisines from all around the world (Thank you NASA !). The best thing about eating in Houston is that you can enjoy a complete wholesome meal with your dietary preferences under $15. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out!

The below article consists of a list of 5 cheapest places in Houston where you can have your belly filled without burning a hole in your wallet. 

5 Best Places in America to Eat

1. Hubcap Grill – Houston’s Best Burger

Hubcap Grill is the city’s own homegrown Burger Joint. If you are in the mood to have some classic Americana burgers, this is the place for you. Despite having 5 locations, they cook your meal to order with only fresh ingredients. The place prides themselves with never using frozen beef and hand-cut fries. And the most important thing of all for just $12 you can enjoy the award-winning classic “Hubcap Decker” and fresh-cut fries rings.

2. Coltivare Pizza & Garden

Craving for a short no reservations trip to Italy and that too in the space city? Coltivare is the place for you! This Italian place has got you covered in all aspects from fresh produce ingredients from its own garden to the open kitchen Chef Ryan Pera’s small plates experience. Surprisingly you can have your favorite spaghetti and Pizza with fresh farm produce all under $15.

3. Cali Sandwich & Pho

Too busy to sit and wait for your food and looking to catch a quick bite on the go? Cali has got you covered. This Vietnamese place provides the ultimate Asian cuisine experience. Apart from being featured on David Chang’s Ugly Delicious, the place is a usual haunt for those looking for Vietnamese classics like banh mi and Bo Luc Lac. Sounds expensive right? No! For $9 you can get a bowl of bun bo hue and for just $3.23 get a barbecue pork banh mi. 

4. Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine

Looking for a spiritual and yet delicious vegetarian wholesome experience, then Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine is the place for you. The place is being managed by Houston’s Hare Krishna temple and will suffice for all your Indian curry cravings. This place is nothing short of a Vegetarian’s paradise with regularly changing menus and packed all you can eat buffet. With under $11 for Lunch and under $13 for Dinner, it’s the best way to fill that empty belly up.

5. Oishii Japanese Restaurant

Talking about food and leaving Sushi out is just a mistake that we are not willing to make. Oishii’s is the go-to place when you are craving some Sushi and Saki! This tiny yet action-packed Sushi bar has got all the traditional Japanese dishes with that authentic taste to die for. Sushi, tempura & teriyaki all under $15 what more can you ask for? am I right! The place to take bae out for a fun date night that too on a budget.

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