10 Reasons You Should Travel Solo Once in Lifetime

Travelling with your friends or close ones is a splendid feeling which every person should experience once in their lifetime. Getting a company while you travel is a great feeling when you can explore the place together and have some great talks and laughs.

Yet, one of the most unique and rewarding experience is when you choose to travel solo. Travelling solo is a dream of every traveller which will make your memories extraordinary,  the trip more eye-opening, and your travelling glorious.

But why should you travel alone?  What difference will it make to travel solo as compared to travelling with your friends?  

Well,  let us look at the 10 best reasons you should travel solo at least once in your life through the article below:

10 Reason You Should Travel Solo

  1. You Can Make New Friends

One of the greatest advantages of travelling solo is that you can make a lot of new friends.  While travelling alone, you can meet up a lot of locals and other travellers who are travelling solo on their own too.  

This improves your chance to meet up new people,  get to know them and make new friends on your way. Being unable to rely on your partner,  you will be able to to learn language skills from the locals and approach them for breakfast or other things on your trip.  

And who knows,  you might find another traveller to accompany you through your travel.

2. You Can Explore More

 When you go on a solo trip,  your attention is majorly focused on the location which you are going to explore.  Going on travelling alone removes the need for engaging or interaction with other people which makes your focus on the trip more inclined.  

This is one of the reasons why most of the travellers who travel solo seem to have more vivid and splendid memories from their trip, as their whole attention is driven to the location which they are going to explore. 

This will also make you find hidden aspects of the trip and take you to some of the rarely unexplored locations too.

3. You Can Change Plans at the Last Moment

One of the most amazing things which are associated with solo travelling is to make and change the plan according to your wish. When you travel solo, you don’t need to plan your travel in advance and you can decide to go with the flow while on your trip.  

This also gives you a sense of adventure every night while sleeping when you don’t know where will you head up tomorrow.  

Just wake up in the morning and set out to decide your ultimate location while being on your way.

4. You will Have more Adventurous Trip

When you go on a trip,  the most important thing is to explore the adventure associated with the location.  Some of the travellers seek one-time life adventure at every place they go.

Hence, when you will travel alone without any boundations,  you are free to explore the trip.  This also gives you the freedom to try various adventurous activities on your trip without worrying much about the safety of people who are travelling along with you. 

You can explore any adventure you wish as there is no one but you who is going to approve it.

5. You will have Complete Control on Finances

While travelling with your friends are families,  the finances which you have planned in advance can go a little higher or lower depending on the needs of the trip.  

However, when you travel solo,  this gets eliminated as you tend to have complete control over your finances.  You can decide whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel or can adjust to a cheap hotel. 

Also,  whatever decision you make will be up to you and you can also save a lot of money to use it for other adventurous activities on your trip.

6. You can explore the world out of Your Comfort Zone

The best thing about travelling is to explore the world and get to know about the culture and traditions of different places around the world.  However, this is done best when you get out of your comfort zone and seek the exploration thereafter.

Travelling solo can help you with that.  When you travel alone, you do not seem to run after your comfort zone and can freely set out to explore the location. 

Travelling alone gives you the complete control of your trip and you can even go to some large extent to get the best out of your trip.

7. You will gain more Confidence

The best thing which will drive you to travel solo once in your lifetime is the confidence which you get after travelling alone to a location.

It is quite evident that people feel scared the first time travelling solo.  Although once set on your trip,  you will feel this is one of the greatest and fun solo vacations you will ever have. 

When you travel solo you have the complete control over your finances,  schedule, and the planning of your trip.  You don’t seem to have a backup while travelling alone in order to resolve any issues. 

This gives you a sense of faith and increased confidence in your your own which will further motivate to take similar trips in your next phases of life.

8. You will become a great Problem Solver

As already stated above,  when you travel solo you are complete in charge of your trip. This means when you get lost during your trip, there is no one at your backup to help you through it. 

Also, if you face any problem, you know that you have to get out of this problem on your own.  This enables you to become a great problem solver as you have to formulate the different strategies to help yourself and come to a feasible solution.

9. You can Learn More About You

If you want to get introduced to yourself and learn more about you, going on a solo trip is your answer.  When you venture out on a solo trip all by yourself,  you get to face your reality and also get introduced to what you care about and what you actually want to perceive. 

The trips also help you to crack some of the greatest memoirs and novels and face them on your own Strategies and concepts.

While travelling with your friends and family,  you can find a great connection with them and while travelling solo, you will find yourself.

10. The trip will give you a Sensational Feeling

Finally, one of the greatest advantages which you can gain through your solo trip is the sensational feeling which you cannot find anywhere else. When you travel solo, you can get strong and memorable emotions with some mundane happenstance which you will be never forgotten in your whole life.

Going on a trip when no one knows you,  knowing that you are on this location on your own,   knowing that your trip is completely unexpected and the possibilities of events are unpredicted,  this all will give you a unique and sensational experience of your life which is totally worth it.


Many people prefer to travel with their family and friends in order to get the most of the trip and spend some of the most memorable moments with their close ones. However,  it is recommended for every traveller to go on a solo trip at least once in their life which will give them the sensational and unique experience which they cannot forget the whole life. Going On the solo trip will not only help you gain confidence but will also let you through some of the best exploration experience of your life. The above article has enlisted the 10 best reasons why every person should go on a solo trip at least once in their life. 

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