10 Coolest Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

With the advancement of hotels and changing Skyline,  Fort Lauderdale has started looking similar to Miami. The city now consists of an international airport,  Cruise port and various waterways which makes traveling to the city more seamless than ever before. From a new and evolving restaurant to some of the popular beaches and art scenes,  there are various cool activities that one can do in Fort Lauderdale. With the constant evolvement and expansion of the city, it becomes one of the most iconic places to explore on a trip.

10 Coolest Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Given below is a list of 10 coolest things with you can do in Fort Lauderdale in order to make the most of your vacation:

  1. Explore the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

If you want to learn about the history and culture of Fort Lauderdale, you can visit to explore the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens which is a period Museum of the area, showcasing the rich culture and tradition of the city. Apart from exploring the Bartlett estate which was once owned by Frederick Bartlett,  you can also explore the beauty and calmness of the surrounding Gardens in the area. The gardens at Bonnet House are divided into beautiful attractions such as the tropical Garden, the Desert Garden, and the Hibiscus Garden.

2. Spend Time in Fort Lauderdale Beaches

If you are at Fort Lauderdale,  you cannot avoid the beautiful beaches spread across 23 miles of Coastline.  You can spend your time in the pristine sands and clear blue waters of the beach with various options for water sports. Some of the major water sports which you can enjoy at the beaches of Fort Lauderdale include swimming,  surfing, skiing, etc.

3. Explore the Stranahan House Museum

Among all the museums in Fort Lauderdale,  the Stranahan House Museum is one of the oldest surviving structures in the city which dates back to 1901.  The house is open to all the visitors to explore the history of the country and give a sense of culture and tradition to the upcoming generations.  If you are at Fort Lauderdale, do not miss to take a tour of the home and learn about the significance of the culture and history of the city.

4. Museum of Discovery and Science

If you are a person who loves science and technology,  do not miss to visit the museum of Discovery and science at fort Lauderdale. At this Museum, you can explore the world of science including the moon and Mars simulator, pilots simulation, and also sit on the cockpit to get the enthralling experience of driving your own jet.

5. Visit Jungle Queen Riverboats

Jungle Queen Riverboats is one of the most famous Cruises for not only Fort Lauderdale but the whole world.  Through the queen riverboats, you can have a sightseeing Cruise to take you along the waters and also the vantage point of the water.  You can also enjoy various shows and dinner available on these iconic boats.

6. The Fire and Safety Museum

If you love Fire safety and want to explore the science,  you can visit the fire and safety Museum in Fort Lauderdale. In this Museum, you can find various antiques including the period fire engines and equipment. The museum also consists of a special area for children where the children can explore some of the fire safety equipment.

7. Las Olas Boulevard

The best place to go for shopping in Fort Lauderdale is Las Olas Boulevard where you can find a range of quirky shops and boutiques.  You can find anything and everything in these shops with some of the famous art galleries, live music venues and clubs with you can visit 24/7.

8. Explore the Wildlife at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

If you are the person who loves wildlife,  then you cannot miss the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park which is located next to the Atlantic Ocean.  In the park, you can explore a variety of animal species such as Turtles, go for tortoise, Masha rabbits, and over 200 Birds species.

9. Visit the NSU Art Museum

If you want to explore some of the Classic arts from the 20th century,  do not miss to visit the NSQ Art Museum at fort Lauderdale. in this Museum you can explore over 6,000 items which will let you through the story of South Florida history and some of the classic arts from Legends such as Pablo Picasso,  Cuba, etc.

10. Beach Park

Fort Lauderdale Beach Park is one of the most exotic spots in the city which is located near to the Bahia Mar Resort. There, you can find a picnic area, shower areas, and playgrounds for the children at the park. Apart from this, you can also play volleyball and basketball and use the boating ramp for the water.

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