10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Going on solo travel is one of the most unique and sensational feelings which every person should have experience in their life.  There are various reasons why one should go for solo travel once in their life. 

While,  going on a solo journey in itself is an amazing feeling,  planning the destinations where you will be going for a solo trip can help you get the most of your travelling adventure.

There are various locations all around the globe which offer the best features and adventure for the solo travellers making the experience most sensational and iconic for them.

In the below article,  we have listed the 10 best destinations to travel alone which you should enlist in your list of destinations.

10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

  1. Thailand

If you want to travel to a location Which is affordable,  friendly,  easy to travel,  and full of other solo Travellers on your first solo trip,  the best location is to visit Thailand. There are ample of things which you can explore in Thailand, especially in Bangkok which will make you fall in love with the city.

Some of the major things which you can do while on a solo trip to Thailand includes playing with elephants,  go for scuba diving,  explore the beautiful island,  and much more.

2. Japan

One of the safest, cleanest,  and most organised destinations with the most polite locals is Japan which you can put in number 2 on your list for solo travel destinations.  Japan is a country which is unique in terms of cuisines, cultures, art, and even Technology.  

It is recommended that if you are going for a solo trip to Japan for the first time,  make sure you find a guide or are familiar with the norms of the country.

3. Malaysia

Emerged as one of the most developed countries of South Asia,  Malaysia is the perfect destinations to visit for solo travellers.  There, you can meet with the multicultural community with most of the locals speaking to different languages.  

In Malaysia, you can explore various beaches, cities,  small towns, and some of the highest mountains.

4. Germany

Germany is one of the perfect locations for first-time solo travellers in Europe. Germany is a place which has a lot of things to offer and one solo trip cannot be enough to explore the beauty of this country.  

Germany offers a lot of things to do for the solo Travellers including joining the street art tours, visiting the galleries, shopping at the flea market, and exploring the artistic scenes in the Berlin.  

Apart from that, you can also get a train and visit the Spreewald Stuttgart and where you can explore the Baden Wittenberg Castle and the beauty of it.

5. Iceland

Iceland is a glorious destination which is a dream come true for the solo travellers. Ranked as the safest city in the world,  Iceland can be one of the best destinations for travelling solo without worrying about anything.  With a very small population, Iceland is a beautiful city where people don’t even lock their shops or cars.  

Going for a solo trip to Iceland will make you feel like you are in a big local neighbourhood where you know everyone with a friendly and warm culture to explore.

6. New Zealand

If you want to go on a solo road trip and want to explore a lot of Islands,  New Zealand is the perfect place for that.  New Zealand can be stated as one of the awesome locations for Solo Travellers going on a solo trip for the first time, especially if they are comfortable with long driving.  

You can get a lot of beautiful locations in New Zealand including some of the stunning Islands,  rugged glaciers,  blue dolphins in the waters,  gorgeous lakes and some of the most adventurous hiking routes.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the rarest and hidden treasures of the solo trip which people often tend to miss out. The rich culture and tropical climate of Hawaii will make you feel like your exploring a country of your own with a variety of things to explore for a solo traveller.  

In Hawaii, you can go for a solar road trip along the road to Hana, join the Maui Surfer Camp,  explore Lanai and go for an experience which is both fun and adventurous.

8. California

The perfect place which you can find in the States for a solo trip is in California where you can never have enough of your solo trip.  Although each state in the country has something to offer for the solo trip, California is the best among all. 

You can choose a lot of road trip options including Pacific Coast and Southwest. Apart from this, the other locations in California which you must explore while on a solo trip includes the Orange County, San Francisco, the Pacific coast highway, and Humboldt County.  

You can also explore the Slab city in America which is free of cost open to the public and offers you unlimited ways to enjoy your solo trip.

9. Peru

If you want to explore the diversity of experiences, climate and cultures all in one place, it is best to visit Peru in South America for your solo trip.  In Peru, you can explore various iconic places for your first solo trips such as Huacachina, the Inca trail, Rainbow Mountain, the Peruvian Amazon and a lot of other options for hiking trails,

10. Botswana

If you are the person who loves wildlife,  the best location where you can go for a solo trip is Botswana where you can find a lot of wild elephants.  Botswana consists of the wild elephant even more than anywhere else in Africa.  

Although the place is much expensive as compared to other locations in Africa, it surely has some of the safest and most recent roads with great Safari lodge system.


Going for a solo trip is an amazing experience for every traveller which they must go for once in their life. However, it is also recommended for the travellers who are going for a solo trip to plan in advance in order to make the most of their trip and get the best adventurous experience. There are many destinations all around the globe which are perfect for anyone who wants to go on a solo trip and has a lot to offer for solo travellers. The above article has enlisted the 10 best destinations all around the world which you can visit on your solo trip to make it memorable and the best experience of your life.

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