10 Best Cheap Eats in Dallas

When it comes to Dallas,  you will find a lot of expensive trendy eateries and some of the bank-breaking steakhouses. However, it is not always necessary to empty your wallets for eating at Dallas and there are some of the alternate options through which you can get to taste some of the best cheap eats in Dallas. From old school burgers to some of the best Kung Pao Chicken, Dallas consists of various cheap restaurants where are equally excellent.

Given below are the 10 best cheap eats in Dallas where you can taste some of the best cuisines from all around the globe and that too within your budget.

10 Best Cheap Eats in Dallas

Given below are the best cheap eats in Dallas where you can get to taste some of the most delicious dishes and all at an affordable price:

1. Little Sichuan Cuisine

The first cheap eats in our list is the Little Sichuan Cuisine which is one of the best restaurants that comes under some of the finest Sichuan restaurants of DFW.  The Little Sichuan Cuisine is known as one of the most budget-friendly and the best restaurant offering some of the delicious dishes in Dallas. At Little Sichuan Cuisine, you can get full plates of Kung pao chicken, Mapo Tofu, noodles, and a lot more all in only $10. You can also order the soft noodles with finely chopped chilled cucumber fried in chili oil and the spicy fermented broad bean paste which will be enough if you want to try cheap lunch for just one person.

2. Arirang Korean Restaurant

Arirang Korean restaurant is the best Korean restaurant in Dallas which is located in front of Carolton’s H-Mart in the strip Mall.  At this restaurant, you can taste some of the most unique and most delicious cuisines of Korea and all at cheap rates. Arirang Korean restaurant serves some of the best steamer baskets which are filled with pork,  plump,  or Kimchi Filled dumplings. You can get to taste the best of Arirang Korean restaurant, the steamer basket at only $5 each.

3. Jeng Chi

if you are into Chinese food and want a budget-friendly place in Dallas,  nothing is better than Jeng Chi. It is one of the most favorite choices of locals and the food enthusiast from all around the world,  known to serve some of the best Chinese cuisines at affordable prices.  You can get to taste some of the best momos,  marinated eggs,  and the bounty of juicy dumplings;  which all you can taste under the limit of $10, $6 or $8.

4. La Me

La Me is the Vietnamese staple in Dallas where you can try some of the best cuisines of Vietnam at cheap rates. You can try Hearty Bowl of Pho in La Me which will cost you just $7.  Not only this but you should definitely Banh mi top which will cost you only $3 and you can enjoy it at the deluxe model which will be topped with pate. Some of the Other must eateries at La Me include Banh beo,  and the best of best,  steamed rice cakes with the toppings of savory and shrimp. Moreover, the best part is,  you don’t have to spend much to taste these iconic cuisines at La Me and you can eat here at the cheapest rate compared to other places. 

5. Trompo Taqueria & Burgers

Trompo Taqueria & Burgers is one of the most underrated and lesser-known destinations in Dallas where you can get to taste some of the best dishes at affordable prices. Some of the most famous dishes at Trompo Taqueria & Burgers which will make your drive to Dallas worth include the spit grilled Paparika spike Trompo. You can get 10 of the tortilla wrap trompo tacos at Trompo Taqueria & Burgers at only $10 which is impossible to find anywhere else in the last.  The best part is, Trompo Taqueria & Burgers are open until midnight where you can get to eat the famous tacos even in the middle of the night.

6. Keller’s

Who would not want to eat at the true icon of Dallas, the Keller’s where you can get to eat at the cheapest price as compared to other places.  Keller’s has been serving Tater Tots and burgers for more than 50 years in Dallas, known as one of the most popular choices among the locals. At Keller’s,  you can order the number five special at $3 which is a special burger which and is topped with tomato,  lettuce, cheese, and some other special dressing. If you want to add some extra cheese fries at the side,  you can get them for just $1.80 additional to the basic price.

7. Black Forest Bakery

Traveling to Dallas can be sometimes expensive for you in terms of vacation,  but when it comes to eating sandwiches at Henk’s and black forest Bakery, you can do it without emptying your wallet. Sandwiches from Black Forest bakery in Dallas are one of the most popular sandwiches which you can get only at 6.50 dollars. Apart from that, you can also consider the Knackwurst plate where you can get the full plate at only $9 served with German potato salad and Sauerkraut.

8. Dunston’s Steak House

If you are fond of steaks,  you should definitely visit the Dunston’s Steak House at Dallas.  The Dunston’s Steak House has been serving here since the year 1955 and is organised in the manner of ordering some old school wise. At Dunston’s Steak House, you can taste some of the best-grilled steaks over Mein squared wood at affordable prices. You can also eat at the honest to God salad bar where you will find plenty of ranch dressing and the very popular bacon-wrapped pilot Magnan at the price of only $13. 

9. Bubba’s Cooks Country

Known as the little brother of DFW fried chicken phenom Babe’s, Bubba’s cooks country is one of the best places in Dallas where you can taste fried chicken at the cheapest rate. The restaurant has been serving the chicken fried fair at an affordable price since 1981. At Bubba’s cooks country,  you can try some of the best chicken cuisines such as chicken strips, chicken fried steak, gravy chicken, chicken and dumplings; all within your budget.

10. Kuby’s Sausage House

Kuby’s Sausage House is one of the legendary German sausage houses which you will find in Dallas. The sausage house consists of fans from all generations where you can get a plate worth $6. The $6 sausage plate will get you high with German potato salad,  cabbage, bratwurst, knackwurst, sauerkraut, weisswurst, and some best pickles. Not only this, but you can take some of the sausages from the market adjacent to the sausage house for your home and loved ones. 

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