10 Best Beaches near Orlando Florida

Florida is the best place to explore and let go of the worries and take out some relaxation from our monotonous workday selves.  this place is best known for its beaches and seen that makes it a perfect place for a vacation with family or a solo trip. 

Moving further to the Miami that will kick off your sojourn to Florida. Despite the fact that the relevantly nicknamed “Daylight State” is in fact given to the visitor exchange, it’s additionally among the least-comprehended part of the USA. Away from its overexposed retreats like deserted strands filled with wildlife, rivers and forests, and vibrant cities within reach of primaeval swamps. In opposition to the well-known retirement-network picture, new Floridians will, in general, be a more youthful, increasingly vivacious variety, while Spanish-talking enclaves give close connections to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Let us look at some of the best beaches near Orlando Florida which you must explore:

Best Beaches near Orlando Florida

1. New Smyrna Beach

Known as the NSB by the locals, New Smyrna Beach is a go-to beach for the people of Orlando Florida. You can visit the beach in just an hour of drive and taste some of the best beers on the beach from around the world.  You can also stroll along the historic Canal Street where you can explore beach themed shopping and dining. New Smyrna Beach is also known as a treasure of delicacies for people who love food where you can have an informal lunch of fresh oysters or gator bites at the fish camp. You can also try some cool icecream at the frozen gold on the beach.

2. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is located in the Gulf of Mexico on a barrier Island and is known as a pastel-coloured art deco style coastal beach town. This beach is one of the perfect beaches in Orlando to view the sunset. Apart from this, you can also visit the Coray Avenue which is the lively centre of the small beach community and explore the various shop, restaurants, and galleries near the beach. You can also visit the Salvador Dali museum near St. Pete Beach while on the return from the town.

3. St. Augustine Beach

Located at 2-hour drive from Orlando, St. Augustine Beach is a beach which is worth of your 2-hour drive. The beach is located in one of the oldest city of Orlando, Saint Augustine. The beach also consists of Castillo de San Marcos which is a  military force of 305 years old located near to the coast. The coastlines at St. Augustine Beach are mostly empty and consists of never-ending beautiful views surrounding. You can also explore the Crescent Beach on the south side of St. Augustine which will have you shocked by its beauty. 

4. Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet beach a heaven for Surfers which is named after the first European settler of Florida, Ponce De Leon. The beach also consists of a beautiful lighthouse where you can climb up to the top by covering a total of 203 steps. Ponce Inlet Beach is a residential beach which offers you a quiet ambience where you can relax and get rid of all of your stress.

5. Sebastian Inlet State Park

The beach which has hosted the annual host to the pro surfing competition at Florida Sebastian inlet state park is a beach where the surfers from all around the globe visit to try their hand at the surfing and catching some wave. Even if water sports are not your thing you can also Hike along with the trail of mile-long Hammock or also explore the small Maritime Museum located around the area of the beach.

6. Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Washington of Garden State Park is a beach in Orlando Florida which is different from all other regular beaches.  The beach consists of rocky boulders of coquina rock which will be really cool for you to explore. The states park beach has also been one of the most historic parks including citrus groves and manicured Garden and preserve natural barrier Island habitat spread across an area of 425 acres along with the Atlantic coast.

7. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa beach is also known as the space coast which is located near to the Kennedy Space Centre Complex and is one hour drive from the centre of Orlando. In cocoa beach, you can explore the water and wind sports which are very popular there along with eco-tours which will take you through the intercostal waterways of the area and deep-sea fishing charters.  Not only this, but you can also try various sports activities on the Cocoa beach including surfing,  swimming, etc.

8. Clearwater Beach

If you are a fan of Jet skiing and parasailing,  you can visit the clearwater beach where the water at tranquil  Gulf coast is perfect for parasailing and jet skiing. Not only this,  but the clearwater beach will also provide you with a nearby beach walk where you can explore various entertainment destination,  hotels and resorts which make this which one of the best beaches in Orland, Florida. You can also visit the famous clearwater aquarium where you can explore the artsy Vibes and make your trip special. 

9. Daytona Beach

If you want to visit a beach along with some great watersports experience,  you must visit the Daytona beach which is home to the International Speedway.  You can also explore beach racing on the beach which has been there since the 1900s. Moreover, if you are at the Daytona beach at the time of Summer,  you can enjoy your vacation drinking on the beach street and checking out some of the great outdoor concerts after having your lunch.

10. Cape Canaveral National Seashore

Cape Canaveral National Seashore is a national park and barrier island Which is located on the east coast of Florida and is the longest unspoilt beach. Cape Canaveral National Seashore is a beach where you can take a break from the regular hustle-bustle of life and relax near the Blue Ocean. You can also wiggle your toes in the Pristine brown sand and without the presence of any passerby except for the marine life including dolphins, marine turtles, etc.


Orlando, Florida is home to some of the great beaches all around the world where you can relax and spend your vacation near the blue waves. The above article has enlisted 10 of the best beaches in Orlando Florida which you can put in the list of your vacation. All of these beaches are located near Orlando is must-visit for every traveller who is looking to explore the beauty of beaches and coastline.

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