Things you need to know about the Airlines meals

Airlines meals become a major concern for the passengers who are traveling. Airlines meals or the foods are being prepared for the passengers comfort and a better journey. Every airline has a different menu for their meals, snacks, and beverages. The airlines maersk are being prepared by the special catering dep-artjenbt of the airline and being served to the passengers with the use of a trolley. The food will be served by the cabin crew in the most luxurious way.

Airlines meals

The airlines meals including snacks and beverages are being offered to the passengers with a wide range of variety in the menu. The menu offered to the passengers are offered depending upon the class and the length of the flights. For instance, in economy class for short hauls, the simpler snacks and beverages are served to the passengers.but for the first class lounge hauls flights, the meals are seven course gourmet. Moreover the airlines meals offered to the passengers also differs from country to country. Most often, the airline meals are prepared with the use of local ingredients and it give the local flavours of the country.

The meals may be served in a tray with a tablecloth and glassware. Generally this way of food is served in the first class and business class. The cuisines served often shows the culture and the tradition of the country the airline sis based on.

For meals, the airlines generally have the meat, fish, pasta, a vegetable, and salad along with the bread roll with butter and a dessert. You will also be provided with the sachets of the salts, pepper,or sugar.

The passengers with the restrictive diet are offered with the alternative meals. But these special meals must be ordered prior to 24 hours of the flight departure. Some of the meals for alternatives are:

  • Vegetarian meals such as lacto-ovo or vegan meals. These meals are prepared by following the asian cuisine or the westsern cuisine.
  • Cultural diets, for example Italian, Chinese, french, indian, korean, turkish and so on.
  • Meals for infants includes baked beans, hot dogs, and mini burgers. These children meals are offered by some of the airlines on request
  • Religious diets include the hindu, jain, and busddisht vegetarian and kosher and halal.
  • Medical diets including the cholesterol free food, low protein low fat, peanut free, diabitic and so on. You can also request for the non spicy food.

Breakfast at the flight

Breakfast are being prepared for the passengers and are served in the morning. The breakfast are cooked in the continental style. For long haul flights, the breakfast includes eggs, grilled tomatoes, sausage, and muffins or pastries. On side, the passengers are also served with breakfast cereal keeping their dietary requirements in mind.

For short length flights, the breakfast includes a mini box containing fruits, cereals, and pastries or muffins. For beverages, the passengers are offered with the coffee, tea, and sometimes with hot chocolate as well.

Airline Meals

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